Revealed: 5 most exciting alternative things done on valentine’s day

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We are in the season of love, season that that is always filled with love, joy, sweet memories and other fun things people do all in the name of love, Many people see Valentine as a time to celebrate the love couples or people in relationships have for one other, But contrary to the popular opinion valentine is a season of love and thus should be celebrated by all and sundry.

Whether you are single or joyfully blossoming in love, there are other interesting things you can do on a valentine’s day other than the things every other person does.

We have taken our time to time to put up 5 exciting alternative things you can do on valentine’s day;

5 exciting alternative things done on valentine’s day:

1: Take yourself out :

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Majority of people are so busy with work and other frivilious that they even forget to take care of themselves. as stated above, Valentine is not a season to show love to others whilst you neglect the most important person on earth, yourself!. 

Take yourself out, you can visit a cinema to watch some movies, you can go to the mall to window shop while holding a cup of ice cream, you can take a walk with your dog or better still watch a champions league match with your friends over few bottles of chilled beer. Just use that day to show love to yourself more than you have ever done over a couple of months before and you will be glad you did.

2: Buy gifts and share to family and friends :

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Valentine’s day is a perfect period to show ‘love’ appreciation for your family members and your friends. This should not be too stressful.

You can buy a fruit hamper basket and share it among them, the most important thing here is not the gift but the action alone goes along way to them how much you care and appreciate them. It’s important to also extent this gesture to your friends at the office, even to your boss, who knows, that little gesture might aid your promotion.

3: Visit the hospital and motherless babies homes :

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Show empathy to people that need them most in the season of Valentine, there is no other better time to show how much you care about them if not during the season of love, and the best place to find them is when you visit the hospital, motherless babies homes, the beggars along the street etc. stay with them for couple of minutes or hours, buy gifts for them no matter how little 

4: Throw a mini party for the kids in your neighbourhood:

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Kids are the most awesome creatures on earth. They are really awesome in every way and need to be celebrated on daily basis. Valentine can provide a perfect platform for one to actually actualise that purpose. You can decide to set up a mini party for kids around your neighbourhood on valentine’s day. Share gifts among them and use the avenue to teach them positive things they need to know about love. Doing this alone might be stressful, you can always involve other people in your neighbourhood.

5: Take time to evaluate your love life: 

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Valentine can be a good time to evaluate your relationship, especially if you are having a troubled time in the relationship. Be as it may. count your blessings and losses in the relationship and see a way to improve and make it work out perfectly, but if you think you cannot handle the heat in the relationship, it can be a perfect time to walk away.

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