(Pictures) Man transforms into big dog then this happened in Port Harcourt

A certain part of Port-Harcourt the Rivers state capital called the Garrison was yesterday all agog after a stray dog was gruesomely killed amid protest from some animal lovers group in the area.

The poor dog was accused of transforming from a man before it met its untimely death. It was said that an unknown huge man allegedly turned into the massive dog moments after parking his car in the area, unknown to him people saw him during the transformation. The residents that saw it chased after the dog, caught it after hours of hot pursuit, tied and tortured it to death with the corpse dumped by the roadside.

Mixed reports coming from the area revealed that none of the eye witness’ reports actually gave a detailed report on how exactly the incident happened and none saw when the transformation actually happened.

One of the eyewitnesses by name Chibuzor claimed that he was waiting for someone close to Garrison when he immediately saw the big dog close to the car parked along the road not far from where he was. He claimed there was no how the dog would have just appeared there if not transforming from a human being. He also claimed to have seen a man near the car before earlier before he saw the dog. that was what prompted him to raise alarm.

Another eyewitness who did not what her name to be printed claimed to be a resident of the area, according to her many strange occurrences has been happening in the area, dead chickens littered on the road, blood of animal suspected to be that of a human always spilt on road, she also said that head of a human being was once discovered in the bushes in that area several months ago. She is of the view that the dog that was killed must have to be that of one of the evil people that had been terrorising the area with their juju that ran out of luck.

The incident caused severe tension in the area and many people are yet to recover from the unfortunate news with people seen openly discussing it.

Many people who are against the killing of the dog condemned the incident and called for the perpetrators to be brought to book. They said animals have the right to live and be cared for and nobody has the right to kill them indiscriminately.

According to Mr Godwin Chibuike, He blamed the incident on the lack of exposure, joblessness and laziness of the youths in the area, He said such could not happen in western countries like America and Uk, that anybody or group of people that try such in such countries would be brought to book immediately. He called on the government to enact a law that will protect and care for the animals especially dogs who he claimed is seen as meat in some quarters.

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