How to catch a cheating husband on Facebook: The Essential Guide

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Cheating in marriages has become a norm over the years, Technology itself to some large extent has played a long role in seeing that there are many cases of cheating in marriages, this is what experts in some corners describe as “technology pitfall”. For instance, couples have taken their cheating instinct to another level and this they throw around all social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Talk, and numerous others. with an increase in “deep” social media interaction where couples don’t stress each other to meet people from different locations, marriages and relations have little or no chance of survival.

  With such hurdles in marriage, one will see the important to holding firm on the ingredients that make up a perfect marriage while pushing every other thing that will be a hinderance aside so that the true reason and purpose of marriage can be ascertained.

  One would wonder if it’s possible to restore back what relationships used to be in the past before the advent of technology, where one man will stick to just one woman and they will be happy and vice versa.this has been a question in the minds of couples randomly asked during their counselling sessions after divorce.

 While it seems like passing a needle in the eye of the camel, there workable ways, signs and methods that can be used to know if a partner is actually breaking his/her marital vows, especially on facebook, which is the fastest online  community ever created. Facebook is like home away from home. It’s a soft landing pad for potential cheats.

How to catch a cheating husband on Facebook:Real reasons why spouses cheat

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Even though it is very difficult to believe, the most loyal and trusted partner has 99% chance of cheating the partner, this is because infidelity has been communised in the society and so may things we do and see on daily basis unconsciously prepares our mind to cheat. Of course cheating comes with negative circumstances and leaves grievous dents on the couples.

While you may have never cheated on your partner, even though you  may have never experienced such a “nightmare” experience..nobody prays for such. It would be expedient to have the knowledge of why couples really cheat so that it can be prevented before it finally occurs.

After years of research and crafted experience from people, these are the real reasons why couples cheat:

1: The inability of couples to resolve issues among them within their marriage especially when it is not resolved in the early stages.It becomes like a wild fire that is difficult to quench. this can cause cheating as a partner might want to find solace in the arms of another.

2: The environment its self is full of vices that unconsciously program one to cheat; the way some ladies dress and act, the way the society sees cheating as a norm and the way the media champions structures that can make one think about tasting the cheat soup. these are things that lure an innocent partner into infidelity.

3: In the society today the quest to get material things and show off on social media are on another level, just like human needs, they are insatiable .relationships are no longer about love but about what people will gain from the next person and probably show off with it. Modern couples tend to do anything just to get money.

4: Many people walking along the road or at the mall tend not to have self-control over their sexual prowess and of course are willing to listen to any sexual advances made towards their direction. with the way some ladies dress these days with the quote “my dress my choice in mind”, it’s really difficult for one to guard the gate of his urge and say no to such temptation when it comes.

5: The feeling of boredom and incomplete can make some couple to cheat, especially when they feel their partner cannot satisfy all that need. they tend to go outside to get such completeness. 

How to catch a cheating husband on Facebook: Signs Your Partner Is Facebook-Cheating


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One would wonder the things that will notice and be like “okay my spouse is cheating”, For many people, it has been a tough nut to crack and most things they falsely accuse their spouse of cheating which often lead to distrust in their marriage. 

With the advent of Facebook app, marital infidelity has taken different routes, studies have it that 87 per cent of new marriages is bound to experience marital infidelity at a certain point in time. even though sometimes it is difficult to detect, but these sure signs will definitely help you know when your spouse is cheating on you on facebook.

1: He is absent minded when chatting on facebook and never reveals his chat conversations with you:

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Even though catching a cheating partner on facebook might be a bit difficult but when one is being glued to his phone always and neglecting the partner on its own can cause a whole lot of discord in romantic relationships. One partner will always feel cut off and out of control from the person who is more glued to the phone than the person he should be having an in-person conversation with.

When your partner is mumbling romantic words, laughing out loud, and emotionally smiling to his phone and yet makes no conscious effort to fill you in on what he is discussing over the phone, it might create a serious tension and distrust in the relationship. Yes respect his boundaries and privacy but if his facebook app is taking more of him than you in the relationship and he is not putting any effort to close the gap, then chances are that his attention and priorities may be elsewhere.

2: He stays awake texting, including late in the night:

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Many years ago before the advent of social media, if someone calls your partner or you around 11pm maybe when the two of you are getting ready for bed, you would look surprise because it is an odd time to call someone.

The use of social media has changed all that, you can easily chat one at the odds hours and still expect response from them. Couples can stay awake together, and decide to wind down on their phones together, but when he spends more time chatting late in the night without the partner’s consent and he does that on daily basis, it’s possible that you have been relegated to the bottom in the relationship.

3: When you suddenly wake up and see him chatting on facebook but he puts it away from you when he sees you:

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Even though most people sleep with their smartphones by their side and some with their clutched in their fist. with research showing that more and more people are making it a habit – the possibility of having a life online on facebook becomes high. It’s one thing for someone to be awake around 4am chatting and another thing to be chatting around 3am and desperately hides his smartphone when his partner wakes up; it aroses suspicion.He might be a cheating partner on facebook.

4: Your partner is constantly all over Facebook ;
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Even though he might be there just for business and other things but chances are that he is doing other things over there rather than buying or selling or even passing out information. It is expedient to find out what drives your partner to facebook and what makes him stay on Facebook all day long. You can always ask him.her for clarification, It’s not a bad thing to be cleared.

5: Your partner praises and adores facebook more than he does to your relationship:

Do you have a partner that always praise facebook? and always talk about it at any given chance even when you least expected it?especially when you don’t know what he does on facebook? . It’s time for you to track his activities over there. No one praises something he does not benefit from.

6: They have hidden their friends on facebook :
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Have you even taken your time to view the friend list of your partner’s facebook? do you know the people there? or is the friend list hidden from public view? chances are that he doesnt want you to know who he is communicating with on facebook…perharps he is cheating on you.

7: Your partner does not let you use his mobile devices or when he/she does, you are monitored :

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Many reports have shown that many people who cheat or have the tendency to cheat both on Facebook or elsewhere try as much as possible to guard their devices away from their partner. They always consider their device as a private item that only and only them could use. How does your partner behave when you are trying to use his phone or check his social media activities? if he becomes uncomfortable and jittery then something is not just right.

8: They own several Facebook accounts: 

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Facebook was designed so that one person can own one account at a particular point in time unless something else happens that will warrant the opening ofa fresh account. But if your partner owns several facebook accounts and uses them regularly, chances are he is doing something dirty with them and probably flirting with the opposite sex.

How to catch a cheating husband on Facebook: Steps to take to catch a cheating husband on facebook

1:  Be vigilant on his phone without him knowing:

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Funny and difficult as it may seem, but this trick sure works. most husbands that cheat tend to do that perfectly, most times they delete the call log, delete the messages and so even go as far as changing the name of their side-chics to Nancy from bursary. These are just his tricks to cover his tracks. Luckily there are apps can help monitor his call logs, reveal his GPS locations, view sent pictures and messages even when he had deleted them. It’s a must-have app.

2: Monitor his Facebook always:

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The majority of people on social media like Facebook have just one facebook account but the same cannot be said for men that cheat, a majority of them operate using different fake profiles with fake information that will appease their prey. The way it’s so easy to cheat on facebook is the same way it is so easy to catch a cheating husband on facebook by simply keeping tracks of their activities. for example; you can always search for “ your better half’s comments”, photo’s your better half commented on” etc. By doing so, you can track a particular girl he likes or comments on her picture always.

3: Engage him on Facebook using different moniker:

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You need to be very careful using this approach because it might be disastrous for the relationship if not properly done well. If you think or have evidence he is cheating on Facebook or flirts at will whenever he is there. you can create different facebook and try and engage him with the new account chances are that he will reveal his intentions or stuff he has been doing with other girls online that you knew nothing about. apply caution when using this approach.

4: Take it a step further, install GPS tracker on his phone:

with breakthroughs in technology, one can be a blessing to track where someone is at every point in time with the help of a GPS monitor. You can use it to know where he is at any given time and try and match it where he told you he would be going if they don’t correlate then he might be lying. It’s possible he has gone to meet with someone he just met on facebook.

5: Make use of his phone unannounced:

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ounds weird right? but this sure works.majority of husbands that cheat on facebook do calculate everything they do, from deleting chats, to logging out to other things just to cover their tracks. you can all of a sudden request to use his phone, once he hands you the phone, it’s an opportunity for you to check out his facebook and see some activities going on there. but if you request for the phone and he refuses? it is possible he is hiding something from there that he doesn’t want you to know about.

How to catch a cheating husband on Facebook: What to do if you find your spouse cheating on Facebook

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Cheating can be devastating, the feeling of distrust, broken promises,  self-blame and worthlessness sometimes tends to set in, One wonders why a partner you’ve committed so much love, time and attention will still wanders off and cheat. 

Normal people don’t go about cheating on their spouse, even though staying faithful seems difficult these days but achieving a 100 per cent level of fidelity is still possible. Even though it is not just okay to live your life hoping or believing that your spouse will one day cheat on you, when you, unfortunately, find yourself in such a situation, these are things we think should help put you back in shape.

1:Don’t panic, Don’t lose control, stay calm :

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Even though the situation can be so terrible, but try as much as possible to stay calm, do a minor activity that can help calm down your nerves like taking a glass of water. Then call a trusted friend who you can readily confide in. Research says talking to people about problems help to lift the burden off your heart.

Try as much as possible not take decision when you are angry because such decision can be devastating . Don’t go all out posting the issue on social media as celebrities do.

2: Take your time to examine the relationship, be honest about it :

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Sometimes cheating in a relationship is not the fault of the spouse that cheated, take your time and evaluate the relationship,check the role you have played in the relationship and know what caused your spouse to cheat…Was it the first time? know if the relationship is worth giving up on. weigh your decisions and determine your next line of action

3: Be direct on your spouse as much as possible : 

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Most of the things when people are been cheated on, they tend to rant on social media about it and quickly tell their friends and family circle without even confronting the situation. this tends to backfire when all the dust settle. Try as much as possible to talk to your partner first and confront him/her with the truth you found out, never beat around the bush.

4: Try as much to find out why it happened:

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It’s always good to tackle a problem from the root to avoid future reoccurrences, have a heart to heart talk with your spouse irrespective of what has happened. there should be so kind of evaluation on how the relationship has been and where you both missed it. The reason for having the conversation is to prevent such from happening again.

How to catch a cheating husband on Facebook: What NOT to do if you find your spouse cheating on Facebook

Infidelity in marriage can make a normal person act weird, the emotional distress it causes runs deeper than ocean explosions. The partner been cheated upon can basically act on things they will regret later. We have a quick guide on what not to do once you catch your spouse cheating on you online.

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1: Create a scene publicly: Trying to confront your cheating spouse publicly will only make you worse than him in the eyes of the people, there are comfortable places someone can be confronted and not in public place. Most people are busy with their day to day activities and don’t want to be disturbed. Even when your emotions are running high try to calm yourself down and guard your honour and wait till you get to the right place like your home before you do your confrontation.

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2: Cheat on him (Revenge cheat) – This usually ends with regrets. trying to get on your partner that cheated on you by cheating on him too, this will only make you be on the same level as him. Try as much as possible to calm yourself down and don’t resort to having revenge sex that might end up with you having a severe disease you don’t know about or even becoming pregnant for someone you might not even know. This is because most of the time, the person going on revenge cheat act angrily and most times don’t do that with their mind intact.

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3: Start ranting on Facebook: There is this saying that whatever is posted on the internet stays there forever. Never be tempted to post whatever happened between you and your spouse on your facebook wall or on their facebook wall, always try to talk to your family and close friends rather than telling the whole world about it. Chances are that what you ranted about on facebook today might come back a few years later to hunt you in the nearest future.

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4: Destroy his personal belongings: oh no, that’s childish in the actual sense, painting his car with permanent ink, damaging his gaming console or his laptop should not be on your todo list. Your partner can even sue you to court for damages done on his/her belonging so why would you want to put yourself down that road. Destroying his belongings might seem right at the onset, but don’t do it.

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5: Don’t be a monitoring spirit: funny as it may sound, because your partner cheated on you should not make you monitor every move he makes, rather than doing that it’s better you resolve a way to handle the situation with your spouse and see that it never happens again. some people even go all the way out to hack into his Facebook account just to look for what is not looking for them. That action will not make him stop cheating, revolving the situation, seeing a therapist together will go a long way in helping you build a better home.

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