8 sure ways to pass interview questions, tips and answers in Nigeria

Gaining job interview confidence is not just a day job, but with a lot of hard work and readiness, especially in the situation of the country, Nigeria.
To start with Nigeria as a case study, the economy of the country is not appealing in most sectors if not all, businesses are failing, decreasing and shutting down, investors are withdrawing from investing, the wealthy ones are replacing the left position in a workplace with an unborn child, youth are being distracted in various and many ways, many more of issues in the Nigerian system but few to be mentioned.

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No confidence in an Interview process…

Gaining job Interview confidence requires a lot of preparation, and an interview usually lasts for at least 3 days depending on the type or kind of organisation and job role. Following are what is required for a job seeker to gain full confidence in an interview questions and aswers.

  • Pray to your God
  • Meditate
  • Prepare your CV/Resume and cover letter
  • Apply to your matched Job
  • Prepare your Mobile Phone, Social Media pages(Gmail, Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Dressing(Outfit)
  • Be punctual
  • Be friendly to the HR

All the above-listed approach/requirement is what we are used to, but we don’t take full notice and a full charge to it.

1. Ways to pass interview questions: Pray to God

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Praying to God is always a normal thing for the people to do, but we must understand that it is even better when we pinpoint our prayer, directly to what we aim for, which is to secure and pass job interview questions and answers. Be closer to God before, during and after the job interview, then work towards making it secured.

2. Sure ways to pass interview questions: Meditation

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Meditation mood…

According to Yogapedia :

Meditation is the process of quieting the mind in order to spend time in thought for relaxation or religious/spiritual purposes. The goal is to attain an inner state of awareness and intensify personal and spiritual growth. In practice, meditation involves concentrated focus on something such as a sound, image or feeling.

Nobody likes tough job interviews, but they are inescapably a central part of modern life. A call to a job interview is likely to trigger the “shot to a goal” response in many people, causing a hope. To have confidence and to be a successful job interviewee you must stay cool, calm and focused under any circumstances.

Meditation is becoming more famous and widely accepted approach in the corporate world, and even most advanced companies, including the likes of Shopify, Facebook, Google and Apple store, it’s in their culture. Fortunately, meditation is opened to anyone, in as much as one knows the hint or process of meditating, and it could or would be a part of your interview strategies to gain confidence in it.

Various ways in which meditation helps achieve ones maximum level of confidence and performance in job interviews. Research and studies on those who meditate often are more likely to have full control over their emotional life in stressful situations. Meditating regularly in the event of an interview will almost certainly help with interview nerves. Meditation also increases the ability to tune in to the emotions of other people and adjust behaviour accordingly and appropriately to the needs of the situation.

The following are some reasons why meditation will be needed or required in your quest to gain confidence in a job interview questions:

  • Loving-kindness meditation.
  • Body scan or progressive relaxation…
  • Mindfulness meditation…
  • Breath awareness meditation…
  • Kundalini yoga…
  • Zen meditation…
  • Transcendental Meditation.

Loving-kindness Meditation
It should be a goal to cultivate a habit of being opened in mind, show love and kindness to the job interview, and through loving-kindness meditation, you can always secure and pass tough job interview questions.

This type of meditation may increase positive emotions and has been linked to reduced the fear of facing a job interview questions.

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Loving-kindness motivation

To pass a job interview questions, you can make yourself sit this way and start having a deep thought about the job interview.

This kind of loving-kindness motivation can help those with anger, depression, resentment and fear, emotional instability.

The fear of facing Job interview questions should be the major focus here.

Progressive relaxation
During a progressive relaxation session, practitioners start at one end of their body, usually their feet, and work through the whole.

Because it slowly and steadily relaxes the body, some people use this form of meditation to help them sleep, and in a long way, this helps stand firm on having to face the job interview questions.

Mindful Meditation

This goes a long way in helping the mind be at a restful mode and more on figuring out the find a good spot in your home or apartment ideally where there isn’t too much clutter and you can find some quiet. leave the lights on or sit in natural light. you can even sit outside if you like but choose a place with little distraction.

A form of mindfulness is involved in most kinds of meditation. breath awareness encourages practitioners to be aware of their breathing while progressive relaxation draws attention to areas of tension in the body.

Breath awareness motivation

Another way through which meditation helps one pass job interview questions in Nigeria is as a form of mindfulness meditation, breath awareness offers many of the same benefits as mindfulness. Those include reduced anxiety, improved concentration, and greater emotional flexibility. If all this is applied before a job interview will make it a successful interview. Below is breath awareness motivational app, that allows you take 2minutes breath and with practice.

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