Nigerian final year student cries out after paying her supervisor 50k for project review

A rather sad and depressed Nigerian undergraduate has taken to social media to rant about the hardship is facing in writing her final year project

The lady who goes by the monicker @rohzalbert on twitter said ” I gave my project supervisor 10k each time I submitted a chapter of my project for review ( a total of 50k for 5 chapters), He said the 10k helps him read in between lines but he actually read in between pages because the external supervisor almost cancelled my work”.

As a Nigerian student, by default, you are faced with various challenges ranging from poor funding, lack of infrastructure to industrial strike actions.

Issues faced by Nigerian students

Poor funding:

Nigerian students in public schools are faced with serious poor funding issues, the Government has generally turned deaf ears to the plight of the management of different public schools in the country. They have failed in times without number to allocate adequate fund during the yearly budget that will capture the needs of various public schools in the country. The remnant that trickles down for the funding of the public schools are being syphoned by the pay masters.

Inadequate Infrastructure:

According to research conducted by the Nigerian university commission, It revealed that its just a fraction of the Nigerian student population has access to good quality class rooms, laboratories, teaching aids, lecture rooms, and libraries.

others basic amenities such water, electricity,medical care, good hostels are largely inadequate, this is a sign of depelation in the education infrastructure. thus making the students not to be productive in learning.

Strike actions:

Issues such as disagreement between students and school authorities, disagreement over funds between various school unions and the government always lead to temporarily shutting down of the schools which in turn affects the overall performance of the students and staff.

Cult activities:

This has been one of the major challenges facing Nigerian public schools, different cult groups threatening the peace and stability of the school, sometimes leading to temporarily shutting down of academic activities.

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