Unbelievable: Divorced Nigerian Lady Narrates how karma caught up with her ex husband’s lover

Hello ma’am, I want to confide in you. I am a divorced mother of 2. I got divorced from my babies daddy in 2016 due to his Cheating. He no longer hides his girlfriends from me. Sometimes when I talk, he will fight me. The last that made me move out of our matrimonial home was when he started bringing them into the home and sleeps with them in our bed. 

These girls are aware he is married but feel comfortable. One got to a stage that she will come to my house, put on my nightwear and shoes, my ex will be giving her head and she will snap and send to me. I lost my many jobs because I couldn’t concentrate at work.

When I saw that it’s getting too much, I took my kids to my mom’s place and move to another city. He did not bother asking for his children. I work and pay their school fees and sends money for their groceries. I attended An Annual seminar hosted by my head company end of last year and met a cool nice guy. We exchanged numbers and we have been talking. 

He changed his WhatsApp profile Picture on Sunday and uploaded pictures on his WhatsApp status wishing his wife a happy birthday. I thought I wasn’t seeing well when I saw the same lady that used to send pictures to me as his wife. The same lady that fucks my husband in my bed. 

According to the man, the got married early 2018. I am set out for revenge. I want to do to her exactly what she did to me. Should I show her husband all the Pictures she sent to me? I saved them in my iCloud. Or should I start an affair with him and do same? Fuck him and do exactly what she did to me.

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