A young man and a lady are at it again fighting outside Shoprite Mall

Young man and a lady spotted fighting at shoprite mall…

Earlier this morning, on a calm Thursday morning, a young man and a woman was spotted fighting in front of shoprite at an undisclosed location.

It what could be considered as an embarrassing scene, a man and a woman were spotted fighting outside a mall.

Based on the view of the picture at the scene, One might conclude the man is at fault, by looking at the ladies reaction, she’s totally angry, frustrated and annoyed by her reactions.

According to trending online reports, the yet-to-be-identified man allegedly slapped the lady who purportedly insulted him following an issue between them.

Video of a young man fighting with a lady…

The lady then, attacked the man right there in front of the supermarket as two of them fought brutally to the shock of onlookers. They were later separated by passersby as the raging lady was restrained.

The reason for the cause of the fight is yet to be disclosed as social media users were doubting…

social media users have been abusing the man, all blames and anger on the man, even when the reason for the fight is yet to be disclosed.

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