Nigerian Police advises homosexuals on how to avoid prosecution in Nigeria

gay or LGBT in Nigeria is a crime
Nigeria passed the anti-gay law in 2014

It is no longer news that homosexual and similar morally debasing sexual practices and behaviors have been criminalized by law in Nigeria.

Under the last dispensation of government, former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan signed the Same-Sex Prohibition Act and passed it into law in 2014. The anti-gay law criminalizes all gay activities, homosexual clubs, associations and organizations in Nigeria with a penalty on conviction of up to 14years in prison.

However, the Public Relations Officer Zone II, Mrs. Dolapo Badmus has given sound advise and admonition to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community on how they can avoid being arrested and prosecuted by the police.

The popular policewoman has told the LGBT community in a recent Instagram post that Nigeria will/does not tolerate homosexuality. Dolapo Badmus revealed this on her Instagram page when she said that it is either the LGBT leaves Nigeria or be prosecuted and face the full wrath of the law.

Mrs. Dolapo Badmus further reveals that the anti-gay bill that was passed and signed into law by the former president Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has criminalized all gay activities in Nigeria. Anybody who owns or operates a gay club either directly or indirectly has committed an offense and if convicted is liable to imprisonment of up to 10years. anybody that enters into a same-sex marriage or relationship or a civil-rights union also faces a prison term of up to 14years if found guilty and convicted.

All the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders (LGBT) in Nigeria and their sympathizers should therefore beware!!!

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