SHOCKING: See what happened to the Pastor who said Homosexuality is a Sin | The Culture may change, but the Bible does not change

Pastor sacked for saying homosexuality is still a sin

The pastor of a California church, The Trinity Bible Presbyterian church has been sacked because he put up a sign that says “Homosexuality is a sin”. Pastor Justin Hoke was sacked because he put up a message that says “Homosexuality is a sin” on the signpost outside the church building which angered about 98% of his church members.

Pastor Hoke’s message on the signpost also addressed the issue of transgender and says popular transgender activist “Caitlyn Jenner is still a man” and further affirms that even though “the culture may change” in many lands and places around the world, “the Bible does not change”.

Pastor Justin Hoke posted on Facebook to announce his sacking;

“As of today, I am no longer the pastor of Trinity Bible Presbyterian Church. I was informed that essentially all but one couple in membership would leave the church if I continued as pastor” 

Pastor Hoke however said that he was very surprised that members of his congregation found the message annoying or hateful and he did not think that there is any hate in his message or intend to hate. Pastor Justin Hoke was forced to leave the church because the church members staged a protest in front of the church in California for several days.

Pastor Justin Hoke told local news outlet via Facebook:

“I did not want to leave, I did not quit, and I was willing to stay. There was a fear that we would lose what little congregation that we had if I remained”

The signpost was however brought down after several days and the message on the signpost was adjusted to read: “the culture may change, the Bible does not”.

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