Tuesday 15th of January 2018, terrorists attacked and blew up sections of a hotel in Kenya called DusitD2 hotel by riverside road. Some terrorists are still exchanging gunfire with security operatives as at the time of this report.
The official report on dead victims is 15 so far but officials are still uncertain about the actual number as more injured and dead bodies are still being recovered.
This is the second time Kenya is witnessing this kind of hostel styled terrorist attack in hotels in 6 years. The last one happened in 2013 at a place called Westgate in the Kenyan capital. 67 people were killed and over 120 injured in that previous attacked. It was alleged that most of the attackers escaped through an underground tunnel before they were caught.

Kenya has beefed up security in its capital city Nairobi since that 2013 incident, unfortunately the terrorist groups have been able to go through with another attack.
Al-shabaab the east african terrorist group have already claimed responsibility for this attack and the previous one.
We will keep you updated as the incident developes further.


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