Big Brother Naija 2019: How to scale through the audition


After about months of waiting, Big Bother Naija is back as announced on their official twitter handle on January 15,2019. Over the years the big brother franchise has faced a backlash from many Nigerians who see the show as publicly promoting immorality, laziness and all not what.

For the very the first time, the show will be hosted in Nigeria with the audition in the cities of Lagos, Calabar, Port Harcourt ,Abuja ,Warri ,Ibadan Enugu, and Benin on the 1st and 2nd of February 2019.

Thinking of being part of the audition this year?

These few steps will guide you into joining the house and probably emerge as the winner of BBN 2019.

Decide on what you will wear on the day: 

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Don’t dress too fancy. The outfit should describe you as a person, this is because you will be addressed the way you dress.

Find the nearest location to your home that they’re holding an audition, and arrive there as early as possible.

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Audition in Nigeria

You don’t want to queue for hours and hours and then be turned down because they’re packing up. Bring plenty of healthy snacks, some make-up or hair products, and something to keep you entertained, i.e – a mobile phone, a games device, a book, a friend.

  • When you do get in, you’ll probably get a number (although the audition process may change from year to year.) Seeing as a lot of people will be auditioning, you may have to wait a while to get in. In this time, use your make-up and/or hair products to freshen up before you have to go in. You’ll want to look your best. You may even want a change of clothes.
  • For the past several years, Big Brother has held group games at the beginning of the auditions, and sometimes throughout them. This is to decide how people act in a group. Don’t be shy or awkward – join in, and be yourself.
  • If you get through, you may be interviewed. Remember to be completely honest, and don’t be reserved about anything.
  • If you don’t get through the first time, try again. If you don’t get through the second time, it’s probably not going to happen. Sorry.
  • At the end of the day, whatever happened, just be happy that you had the experience and hopefully met some new people and had a bit of fun!.

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