5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Influence and Remain Productive in 2019

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Not until few days ago, I’ve literally not heard of Babatunde Gbadamosi, the governorship aspirant of Action Democratic Party.

He showed up at the recently 2019 Platform #LagosDebate organized by Covenant Christian Center and won the heart of most of the viewers including the opposition supporters.

How did he manage to do that one would ask?

It’s simple, He was brilliant and articulate. He proved to all that he’s prepared to become the next governor of Lagos, the African 7th biggest economy. Though never being in public service, he answered every questions threw at him with condor and oracular prowess to the admiration of the audience. Whether he will win the election or not is a discussion for another day.

This post has nothing to do with politics. But the question I kept asking myself was, what if he refused to take the advantage of the Platform provided for him free of charge by showing up with all his arsenal?

No matter how good, talented, skilful and intelligent you are, if you fail to do the things listed below today, nobody will know you and you would lost the opportunity to impact your generation positively.

Here are the 5 steps that will help you to grow your influence and be productive, which in turn will change your life forever.

1. Platform:

Image result for speaking to the public

Who is a preacher without a pulpit? How would they hear if there’s no avenue to hear you?

To build influence and show the world the stuff you are made of, you need a place whether physical or abstract to meet your set audience to evangelise them and win their soul to become your tribe.

There are many available paid and free platforms to reach up to a billion people with just a touch of a button.

Social media avail you this opportunity almost free. Master it and start using it to preach your gospel.

2. Visibility:

Image result for speaking to the public
Speaking to the audience

Whichever platform you chose, make up your mind to always show up. People won’t take you seriously until they know you are serious. You must be consistent with your story and what you have to offer. If you have to create a timetable to keep up, please create it. Your audience has to Know you before they can Like you and they have to Like you before they can Trust you. Once they’ve trusted you, they can do anything for you. This is what visibility brings.

3. Give value:

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Become the solution

Don’t just be visible, be visible with value. Be visible with solutions to people’s problem.

Create free stuff.

Be accessible.

Engage your audience.

This grows your influence exponentially.

4. Credibility:

Credibility traits

The next thing is to build your universal credibility especially your online credibility.

Own a website/blog…
Be a guest writer on others people’s blog…
Write a book…
Start a podcast/webinar…
Create courses… 
Organised training… 
Be a guest speaker on people’s event.

5. Become an expert :

Image result for man on suit with brief case
Successful businessman

People love to associate and do business with experts. Your expert status in the eye of your audience is inevitable if you want to grow your influence.Specialise, become a thought leader and do everything mentioned above.

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