PICTURES: 4 scary reasons you should not Travel at night this yuletide season

Yuletide season travels to meet loved ones has always been one of the beauties of Christmas, the togetherness, the love and memories shared. Most times people cannot wait for the yuletide season to come because of the joy of reconnecting with their loved ones. Majority of people in Nigeria make such trips by road, while a fraction of the people travel by air.

Driving on it’s own is dangerous when one does not pay proper attention to what lies ahead, Driving at night could be more dangerous especially in Nigeria where we have a lot of things we are yet to get right both on and off the road.

Why do we think travelling at night is dangerous? Good question; We have proven resons why travelling at night travel this yuletide season might just be a bad idea, relax and read.

  1. Poor Nigerian roads:   
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poor Nigerian road

About 85% of the major roads in Nigeria are in a sorry state. Over the years, Nigeria as a country has been branded with the title “giant of Africa”, but the bad condition of major roads does not portray the country as any giant of Africa, Nigeria has passed the level of having dilapidated major roads. Most of the major roads linking major states have death traps at every point on the road, it is more like a road leading to destruction. This includes water-well sized potholes, untarred roads and lots more. We at times accidentally run into these potholes during the daytime not to talk of at night.

2. Inadequate security:

Image result for nigerian police team at night
Nigerian police

Security is one of the major challenges facing the nation, with incident reports of kidnapping, arm robbery, rape, etc, Night driving in Nigeria is worrisome and should not be considered at any given time. Most of the major roads in Nigeria are evaded by highway robbers especially at night when the security agencies meant to be on patrol are either in a sleeping mode or even missing in action. One can easily fall victim of been stopped by these night urchins at night who usually disguise as security patrol team. They have mastered this ugly craft so well that one can not differentiate them from the security personnel mounted in a checkpoint.

3. Little or no emergency response team:

Image result for emergency response team at night in nigeria
Emergency response team

Accident they say is an unexpected happening, one can never wish to be involved in one when travelling or even wish love ones such fate, with little or no functional emergency response services in Nigeria one is left in a “no hope” state when the unexpected happens while travelling at night. Prevention is better than cure, It is better to prevent being in such situation. A lot of people driving by at such time will even be afraid to help out because of their safety.

4.Frustration if your car spoils on the road:

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Frustrated Driver

With no guarantee, your car will get you to your destination, How will you help yourself if your car gets spoilt on the road in the wee hours of the night or the petrol in your car gets exhausted knowing fully well that petrol stations do not work throughout the night. How ready are you to get yourself out of such a situation?

It can be so frustrating to be in a situation where your call spoils in the middle of nowhere at night. One is even prone of being attacked by robbers, wild animals, and it is usually very difficult to get help at the time; everybody in the country is security concious.

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