6 secrets on how to successfully build your brand and stay rich in 2019

6 secrets on how to successfully build your personal brand and stay woke in 2019

Have you ever wondered why your brand does not get noticed in the midst of the crowd? Have you been ignored many times or never been considered during a business deal presentation or negotiation? If your answers are “YES!” , then welcome on-board, this post is basically for you, stand out in this coming year, build or improve your brand.
Just as you are aware that you a brand.
These are essential tools for building your personal brand.

1. Discover a Niche: The first step to building a personal brand is having a specific niche.
Your niche is what and who you are.
This is what you can do and trade as an exchange for money or to create influence. Do not rush into a niche because it works for other people, take your time and do your own research and know what works for you. What works for Mr A might not necessarily work for Mr B, taking time to identify what works for you is important.

2. Self-worth: Consequently, you need to have what I referred to as self-worth.
Your self-worth is your emotional asset.
These include self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love, self-discipline, self-awareness and self-pride.
These are indispensable tools for building your personal brand.

3. Platform: Subsequently, social media platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc will enhance and promote your brand.
They will allow others to see you and know what you are doing.
Moreso, you need a self appealing and captivating social media profile, which depicts who and what you are. Your profile should say what you do and your posts should also reflect who you are.

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Value: This is a substantive tool for creating a personal brand.
Create value that will enable people to come for your products.
You must bring something valuable to the market as a brand to be known and reckon with. Know what your competitors are doing and strive to be ahead of them in all areas.

5. K.E.Y: This is an acronym for Keep Educating Yourself.
To succeed as a personal brand in this competitive world it is essential you keep educating yourself.
Learn, unlearn and relearn.
Be an avid reader and connect with people in your niche who are ahead of you. Know what is in your niche and get yourself acquainted with it. that will help you stay ahead of others.

6. Network: You need to network with people that will broaden your horizon and increase your mental capacity because iron sharpens iron.
Learn from successful people, mentors and other successful brands; with these your success as a personal brand is certain. No man is an island, go out, attend meet-ups, seminars, conferences around your niche, that will help connect you with people of like minds.

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