Top 3 transfer rumors that could set the premier league on fire in January

Premier League january transfer window.
Premier League clubs hunt for reinforcements as the January transfer window approaches.

The January transfer window is usually a seller’ market. Big players usually don’t want to leave their clubs at the middle of the football season as many clubs too usually don’t entertain the idea of losing the key players at the middle of the football season because losing key players at the middle of the season can disrupt the synergy and dynamics that are already in existence within the team.

Notwithstanding, many transfers still go through in the January transfer window. Many players who feel disgruntled at their current clubs, or whose contracts will soon expire and are lured with the enticement of playing at the very highest level of football may be tempted to leave their clubs and jump ship which usually makes the January transfer window very exciting as there are always big or shocking news headlines and rumors emanating from every corner in the league.

However, as the busy premier league fixtures in December rapidly approach, every premier league club have known what their own battles and weaknesses are and there is no better time to fortify their teams by bringing in the much-needed reinforcement other than the January transfer window.

Here are the top 3 transfer news and rumors that can light up the news headlines ahead of the premier league January transfer window.

1. Alexis Sanchez’s time at Manchester United coming to an end

Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez has failed to live up to expectations for Manchester United to justify his huge weekly wages.

Alexis Sanchez’s career at Manchester United has been labeled nothing but disappointing as far as many are concerned including some Manchester United fans even though Alexis Sanchez does show some sign of coming alive in recent performances.

Alexis Sanchez has failed to live up to the expectations of Manchester United management and fans alike after battling hard with their noisy neighbor Manchester city for his signature in January. His huge weekly wages of around €450,000 has also caused disruption among his Manchester United teammates as some big stars in the team like Paul Pogba and David de Gea have also been demanding for increased wages. In addition, reports filtering out of the United dressing room suggests that Alexis Sanchez has not been able to settle into the United dressing room after his January transfer from Arsenal this year.

Although Alexis Sanchez’s huge wages may make a transfer a little bit difficult for his agent, European clubs are surely intrigued by his transfer situation and keeping close tabs on his situation as it has been reported that European heavyweights and Champions League champions Real Madrid are keeping an eye on Alexis Sanchez. French football heavyweights and Ligue 1 champions Paris Saint Germaine (PSG) are also reported to be following Alexis Sanchez situation.

2. Fabregas desperate for playing time

Cesc Fabregas desperate for playing time desperate at Chelsea.
Cesc Fabregas desperate for playing time desperate having the all-time second highest number of goal assist in the premier league.

Since Maurizio Sarri took over as Chelsea manager, former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has endured a tough time at Chelsea and has been relegated to the bench.

Despite Fabregas been one of the most influential premier league midfielders of his generation, a lack of playing time at Chelsea could prompt Cesc Fabregas to look for a move in the January transfer window so as to get quality playing time elsewhere.

Fabregas has no shortage of suitors though as it is reported that the former Arsenal captain and ex-Barcelona playmaker is a top transfer target for AC Milan’s football director Leonardo while also catching the eye of Milan city rival Inter Milan’s new chief Beppe Marotta.

This January transfer window could be an exciting transfer window for Cesc Fabregas as transfer rumor also have it that his former boss at Chelsea and now Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, and Athletico Madrid’s manager, Diego Simeone are also interested in signing the 31year old Spanish midfielder from Chelsea at the January transfer window.

3. Aaron Ramsey decides his next move

Aaron Ramsey january transfer
Aaron Ramsey is not short of suitors as he decides his next move ahead of the January transfer window.

In a recent interview where he was asked about his contract situation at Arsenal, Aaron Ramsey said: “Would I stay for the rest of the season? Of course, yeah, I am contracted to Arsenal and I am going to do my best to try and achieve something special.”

Even though Aaron Ramsey has vowed to give his best for Arsenal, his contract situation is well documented and publicized. Aaron Ramsey could likely make a decision about his next move as he is not short of suitors who want to sign him. It is reported that German champions Bayern Munich, Spanish giants Real Madrid and English heavyweights Chelsea and Manchester United all want to sign the 27year old Arsenal stalwart this January.

It will be interesting to see whether Arsenal’s longest-serving player decides to stay in the premier league or join any of Europe’s top five leagues or moves to China or the United States as he desperately searches for a new club.



If any of these transfer rumors and speculations eventually turns out to be true, we could all be in for a very long, interesting and exciting premier league January transfer window.



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