Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea F.C Rivalry Football Match Fixture, Prediction and Live scores- Age long rivalry

Chelsea and Spur ravelry
Chelsea and Spur Rivalry

Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea’s rivalry is connected with the soccer match derby between two giant clubs in London. Tottenham plays their home matches at the Wembley Stadium, while Chelsea plays their home matches at Stamford Bridge.

Based on a survey taken in 2012, it shows that Tottenham fans consider Arsenal as their biggest rival and consider Chelsea as their second main rival while Chelsea fans consider Tottenham as their biggest rival, bigger than Manchester United and Arsenal.

Matches between Chelsea and Tottenham usually draw large attendance and might include a stand-off between fans.


Chelsea and Tottenham first meeting was at Stamford Bridge on December 18th 1909. In 1908, Tottenham joined the football league. The match between the two clubs ended in favour of Chelsea winning the contest by 2-1

In 1967 FA Cup final, the two went head to head which was the first final match of the competitions by two London clubs. This time, Tottenham won it by 2-1. It was a nightmare for Chelsea fans to see Jimmy Greave and Terry Venables, two former Chelsea players to win the FA Cup with Tottenham.

In the 1974-75 season, the rivalry extended, it was a contest of staying out of the relegation zone of the First Division. Before the match, Chelsea was just a point ahead of Tottenham and Tottenham was already in the relegation zone. Tottenham won the context by 2-0, sending Chelsea into the relegation zone. Chelsea failed to win their last two matches, ultimately sending Chelsea to the lower division. Tottenham Hotspur survived relegation with only one point.

Chelsea became so dominant over Tottenham in the 1990s and stayed unbeaten for over a decade while includes a 6-1 thrashing on White Hart Lane.

Tottenham finally beat Chelsea on 5th November 2006 putting to an end to Chelsea’s 16year period of victory. However, Tottenham beat Chelsea in a second leg fixture with ended 2-1 but on aggregate Chelsea won by 6-3.

Chelsea and Tottenham met again on  11th of March 2007 for the FA Cup quarterfinals. Tottenham was leading 3-1 when Chelsea came from behind to settle at 3-3 and acquiring a replay. The next day, the ruffians of Chelsea and Tottenham took to the street of London leaving 10fans knifed. The replay went in favour of Chelsea, beating Tottenham 2-1, advancing to the semi-final. In 2008, both sides met once again for the Football League Cup Final. With Tottenham victorious, winning the cup, beating Chelsea by 2-1.

Chelsea on the 1st of March 2015, won the Football League Cup defeating Tottenham 2-0 with Diego Costa and John Terry providing the two goals.

In 2016, the rivalry continued as both teams met at Stamford Bridge. Spurs score the first two goals thanks to Harry Kane and Son Heung-min. In the second half, Chelsea came from behind to draw the match 2-2 with goals coming from Eden Hazard and Gary Cahill. Which gave Leicester City their first Premier League cup.

In 2017, Tottenham defeated Chelsea by 2-0 bring Tottenham 5 points closer to Chelsea who was at the top of the table and also ending Chelsea’s 13 games winning streak at White Hart Lane. Chelsea went on to win the title by 93points with Tottenham closely behind by 86points. That same season, Chelsea beat Tottenham 4-2 at the semi-final of the FA Cup.

During the 2017-18 season, Chelsea and Tottenham went head to head for the second round for the Premier League. It was the first-ever home match at the Wembley Stadium. The match ended 2-1 in favour of Chelsea, with Marcos Alonso scoring twice putting an end to Tottenham 19 games streak. That same season, Tottenham defeated Chelsea 3-1 on the 1st of April 2018, Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli scoring for Hotspur breaking the 28years drought of not winning at Stamford Bridge.


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