5 most amazing tips that will help you save money for Christmas as holiday season approaches

Amazing tips to save money for christmas
The most amazing tips to help you save money for Christmas

Yeeesss… Christmas is here again!!!

Christmas is fast approaching!!!

Christmas is around the corner!!!

Christmas is knocking at the door!!!

This is the song on the lips of many media and advertising agencies. The truth of the matter though is that truly Christmas is fast approaching. Christmas is around the corner and knocking at the doors. The year is finally winding down and coming to an end, and this end of the year period is usually characterized by a lot of activities – celebrations here and there, traveling, shopping, vacations and partying.

The problem though is that when the celebrations, vacations and partying that is usually attached with the end of the year holiday has ended, many people complain of being broke and the following month of January usually seem like it has 45 to 60 days in it.

However, you shouldn’t put a big hole in your pocket all because you want to have a normal beautiful Christmas holiday season like everyone else – Be Smart. Don’t go completely broke after the Christmas celebrations and holiday season has ended, so that January doesn’t seem like it has 45 to 60 days. Here, I have carefully articulated 5 amazing tips to help you save well in preparation for Christmas and the holidays. I don’t want you going broke in January.

1. Start saving in advance – NOW

If you start saving in advance for Christmas celebrations and holiday, it will be easier for you at the end of the day. So, if you have not already started saving in advance, NOW is the perfect time for you to start saving up.

You absolutely do not need to wait till December before you start running around for money to use for Christmas celebrations ad you definitely don’t have to rely on your December salary to celebrate Christmas and have a beautiful holiday. Start saving money – little by little, no amount is too small – now. You can even open a piggy bank, it offers an easy and smooth way to save up for Christmas celebrations.

2. Set a proper budget

It is one thing to save up for the Christmas celebrations and holiday and it is another thing entirely to spend within the limit and confines of your financial capability so that you don’t bore a hole in your pocket and eventually run into debts. During the holiday season, it could be very easy to get carried away with spending because there are a lot of activities, celebrations, partying and merriment. So much that you forget to check how much you have spent and how much you have left in your account and this can be very damaging and debt-dealing to you.

This is why a budget is highly essential – you must set a budget – for all your Christmas and holiday spending. You may have to consult your financial adviser on this one depending on your need. You must prepare and decide well in advance how much you want to spend during Christmas and the entire holiday season, how much you have to spend, and how much you are willing to spend so that you do not run into debts.

3. Don’t let “Black Friday sales” fool you

It is vitally important that you avoid the urge and temptation to blow your money or spend lavishly on deals advertised during the Black Friday sales period. For many people, thinking about deal advertised during black Friday sales get them hyped and super excited that they get carried away and start buying items that they do not need. While it is true that some e-commerce companies and online stores may have good cut-price deals during their Black Friday sales, some e-commerce companies and online stores fake their ‘slashed prices’ and you get deceived and misled into buying an item at the original price without being aware.

Carefully select and think about the items you need in advance. Make a research about the actual prices of the items without the black Friday deals and compare them with the “cut-price deal” that is offered in black Friday to see if the discount or difference in price is significant enough for you to buy.

4. Don’t shop at last-minute or rush hour periods

At all costs, avoid buying items during Christmas or holiday rush hours and do not engage in last minute shopping. It is a known and established fact that the prices of items in the market increases during the Christmas and holiday season. You can end up buying items at prices up to 4times more than it used to be at the original price when it is not Christmas or holiday period.

5. Always pay with Cash

Always try as much as you can to pay in cash for all your item purchases during the Christmas and holiday period so that you can keep track of your spending in a more efficient way and realize on time whenever you are spending beyond your daily/weekly/overall financial limits. People tend to spend more when they pay for items with credit (or debit) cards and this is exactly what we are trying to avoid – big or huge spending.



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