11 Efficient Flirting tips to get who you want(very easy to learn)

11 Efficient Flirting tips to get who you want
11 Efficient Flirting tips to get who you want

Flirting is an act of putting yourself out there, having self-confidence and overcoming the fear of rejection. The aim of flirting is to make someone feel like they are the most essential person on the earth.

Flirting is a great way of letting people know that they are fun, interesting and delightful. It is a good way to reduce tension between two or more persons, an icebreaker.

Guys, girls want to be approached and be flirted with and at the same time, they are tired of being approached. Sounds so complicated right? Well, so many guys just start off so strong or too cocky or too egotistic for their liking.

Guys treat a woman with respect and she will be free with you and gives you the chance of her knowing you better.

Get accustomed to the following tips and say goodbye to your pass flirting habits.


If you do not play, you do not win, it is a simple logic. Most people are scared of rejection that why they don’t approach anyone. The fear of rejection is a strong emotion and you must learn to overcome it. Just because someone says no to you doesn’t mean every other person out there will do the same. Build up your courage, if you get rejected, dust yourself up and find another person who will be happy to be with you.

Sometimes, why people get rejected is not solely because of you and your manner of approach. It might just be that the person is having a bad day and just want to be alone or might not just be interested in what you have to offer due to what they have on their plate.

Handle rejection the right way and one day you will be happy they rejected you because you found someone more special.

2. The Approach.

The best pickup line you have been searching for it “Hello” then introduce yourself. Life isn’t a movie where you get a song playing at the background and a smooth slow motion effect with the mysterious wind blowing. No need to practice anything for an approach, you can not predict what going to happen, just go with the flow.

3. Enjoy yourself with it.

Most people flirt to get a phone number or a date but honestly, what I think is flirt for the fun of it and every other thing will fall into place. When you are having fun and the other person feels comfortable with you, they can offer you a date and give you their phone number.

When you flirt just because you want to get their phone number or get a date, you become so nervous so that you don’t mess up. Your anxiety increases, you begin to listen less and talk more, lowering your odds of getting the date. So Just have fun with it and enjoy yourself.

4. Engage in Eye Contact.

This could be creepy though and uncomfortable but if you do it right, the person feels that you are paying attention to what he/she has to say.  Eye contact shows that you have self-confidence, as people say, it is a means to flirt with the soul but do not stare for too long cause it gets creepy.

5. Try To Smile

Smiling carries different meanings. A smile could be shy, mysterious, confident etc. There is no harm in practising your smile to know which one works for you.

6. Listen

There is a reason why you have one mouth and two ears. You should listen more and talk less. Everybody loves to be listened to, making them feel special, valued and accepted. It is not just about listening also interacts, nod your head, say this like uh huh, ask follow-up questions to further the conversation also refer to what the person said earlier. Avoid getting distracted, don’t look at your phone, or the tv. Stay engaged.

7. Compliment.

If the person you intend to flirt with has something nice on, compliment them on it, it lightens up the room. The best compliments are the different, unique or something they didn’t expect. Make your compliment sincere, honest and genuine.

8. Make body contact

You need to do this appropriately and respectfully. If the person has a nice bracelet or a ring, ask for their hand to admire the item. For Guys, if the lady has a nail polish on( that is a gold mine) you can ask to see it and do not forget to compliment it. If you guys are about to cross a road, hold her hand or you are in a crowded place, take her hand and lead the way.

9. Make jokes.

Jokes are very nice as long as they are creepy. Your jokes should not be heavy, it should be pretty mild. jokes allow you to be more forward and bold.

10. Plan a follow-up.

It’s best to prepare the next meetup because you can’t tell what could make the person leave suddenly. Find something you guys share in common, it could be that you guys go to the same bookstore, cinema or park or invite the person for an event/concert that you guys share in common. Another is a food you both of you like and you have a great restaurant that prepares that cuisine, ask if he/she would like to go with you.

11. End the flirt

If you are feeling uncomfortable or the person is not reciprocating, it is okay to end the flirt. You can appreciate the person for their time or say something like “nice meeting you”. Bag your flirting and go somewhere else, you will find another person out there looking for someone like you. So know when to cut your losses and move on.

Just practice these flirting tips and you will find flirting easy. Make flirting your hobby.

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