10 Secret Ideas to having a perfect morning(Life changing)

Mornings are very important, it is estimated that an adult has about 25,000 mornings. All humans are not the same, that means there is no need to have a fixed to-do list that demands everyone to follow. 

For example, an individual might start his/her morning jogging a certain distance while another lay in bed till 11 am. So today, I will be giving out ideas to add to your casual morning routine.

1. Drink a tall glass of water: Drinking water is one of the important thing to do in the morning, your body will be grateful. It is as simple as that

2. Plan your day: When you plan your day in the morning, Make a list of things you need to do for the day to know where your priorities lie. Your day will go smoothly and you will have a feeling of achievement at the end of the day.

3. Make Business connections: Making a business connection is very essential in your career. There are different sources to make that happen here are a few;

  • LinkedIn: This is a social media for business, showcasing your skills, knowledge, areas of expertise and your previous employment.
  • Facebook Groups:
  • MeetUp: It used for finding a specific group in an area of expertise and linking people who have the same interest in it.

4Go over your Goals: Everybody, irrespective of who they are, have one or two goals either short-term or long-term goals. Due to your everyday work and husting, you might get off track. So you need to go over your goals and make plans on how to reach them. This gives you an idea of what is important and put your day in perspective.

5. Go Over Your Budget: Checking your budget for the month help you cut down unnecessary spending. This won’t take more than 3 minutes.

6. Pack a Snack, Meal and Drink. Packing food to work is a great decision for your health and also your pocket. With this, you will eat more healthy food and you won’t have to spend unnecessarily.

7. Engage in a 5 Minute Workout: To get your day started, I recommend doing some home exercises to get fired up to tackle the day ahead. You can download an app that will act as a personal trainer, such as;

8. Weigh Yourself: Getting to know your weight every day is necessary to set up fitness goals.

9. 5 minutes of Meditation: Meditation helps to make you focus and gives you clarity of the mind. You can start by meditating for a few minutes and it helps you, you can increase your meditation duration.

10. Calm yourself by drinking Tea: Drinking a hot cup of tea has mental and physical benefits. Tea helps to detoxify your body, lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones and help in other things. You can also do this at the end of your day.


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