VITAL: 3 Things To Consider Before Getting Married To A Fine Guy – Its Never Too Late!

3 Things to Consider Before Getting Married

Many people get into a relationship but are not too sure if they are with the right partner. It is common to have a different relationship with different people before eventually finding the right partner.

The question is: how do I know if I am marrying the right person?

To answer that question there things you have to be aware of, listed below are things you have to know when making a decision in getting married to the right partner.

1. How to marry the right partner

It has not always been easy finding your Mr or Miss right and eventually if you find the right person you may have doubts and having doubts about who you are getting married to is not only normal but also healthy.

It is good if you already know that you should not be getting married to someone who probably drinks too much, brags about things or self too much, works too much, has one time been unfaithful, has other illegal behaviour or uses drugs, is cruel, abusive and also dishonest.

It is best to know your partner well before getting married to them. If your partner does not portray any of those bad behaviours listed above and yet you still have doubts about getting married to them. Get to know them better maybe this might clear your doubts.

2. Getting Happiness and Emotional Support

Although it is unreasonable to expect your partner to make you feel happy every time and being with the right person can be of help in bringing happiness and personal strength to your life.

In knowing if the person you are getting married to is the right person is when you feel supported and encouraged about your own growth intellectually and emotionally. Your right partner would want you to be healthy emotionally and have the will to stand on your own two feet.

Most importantly your right partner help and make you feel good about yourself, be safe and self-fulfilled. The characteristics of a right partner include the act of not being negative about you or things, selfish, embarrassing, etc.

It is better to be with the right partner than with a jerk that doesn’t know your worth your whole life.

3. Affection, Love and Sex

This aspect is very important, the person that you intend to marry has to be someone who is understanding and compliable to your wants and needs when it comes to affection and sex.

You will definitely know you are getting married to the right partner when your future partner says “I love you” not only in spoken words but also by loving actions. What can these loving actions be classified into? It can be classified into:

  1. Remembers your birthday
  2. Notice when you are tired
  3. Gives and shows you respect
  4. Is patient with you
  5. Loves to spend time with you
  6. Giving you hugs for no specific reason


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