MY LESBIAN STORY – How a hot kiss was presented to me by a lesbian in Unilag and…

Unilag student tries to kiss another female student
How a Unilag student was almost kissed by a fellow female student

Hello everybody, Something just happened right now. I heard a bone-chilling gist from a female colleague of mine.

Alright, so as I arrived at the office this morning and was settling in to my day job, a female colleague was browsing through some images on the internet on her laptop when she saw one image where two guys are on the bed backing each other with one being sad-faced and yet another image of two guys in what appears to be a school where one of them is placing the hand on the other guys shoulder while the other was looking at him seductively in a gay-ish manner.

So, as she was looking at the images, I overheard her mumble some words in irking and exasperation when she said: “OMG, what is this?”, then she later added: “And I was almost kissed by a girl recently and I rejected it”. So I got very curious and interested, I wanted to hear the full gist and story, how did it happen? where did it happen? who tried to kiss her? when did it happen? So I asked her, she was very free and relaxed in answering my questions as the conversation went on although she didn’t disclose to me why she rejected that kissing advance made towards her.

So this female colleague of mine is a Student of the University of Lagos, who was on her Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) Industrial training with my company somewhere around the Yaba area of Lagos.

She narrates her ordeal:
On this beautiful day, she was in her hostel room outside the Unilag campus. As usually experienced by many Nigerians, there was no light and she had to use her laptop and charge her phones. So she decided to visit a female friend who also happens to be a fellow student at the University of Lagos in her house where there is light so she can charge and use her gadgets. When she got to her friend’s house, she met her in the company of her roommate who was packing her bags in preparation to travel back home for the holiday. She sat down, opened her laptop and told her friend that she had come to charge her laptop and watch Game of Thrones. After watching the movie a bit, the inevitable also happened – the same thing that made her leave her hostel to come to visit her friend in the first place, “almighty NEPA” took the light – and she had to shut down her laptop after a little while.

A little awkward visit:

It was at this point they started discussions on random stuff to pass the time. Of course, your guess is as good as mine, their discussion was mostly centred around guys, relationships, romance, and all the other “girl talks”. So as the discussion went on, the topic of kissing came up somewhere along the line, and my female colleague asked her friend how many guys she has kissed – which she laughed off and didn’t bother to answer. Then, my female colleague was like “I haven’t had my first kiss”, then her friend replied that there is no big deal or anything serious in kissing. Then her friend dropped the bombshell by saying “I can even kiss you now if you won’t mind”, as she stood up to sit beside her on the bed. She later had to shrug off her friend who stood up and tried to demonstrate to her how to kiss. She felt awkward afterwards and they had to change the topic for discussion and went back to her hostel after a while.

Why she refused the kiss?

In all this time as she narrates her experience, I stood there looking at her and I kept wondering about what might be going through her mind while all of these was happening. I asked her why she didn’t allow her friend to kiss her or teach her how to kiss, but she declined and refused to answer. She said it was for a reason personal to her as she was not comfortable talking about that with me.

I’m very curious right now. I have never seen or heard firsthand from anyone who is romantically attracted to someone of the same sex (either for a male or female), so her experience interests me and it got me very curious. So I want to hear from your experiences. If you have or have heard of any such experiences, please feel free to hit me up in the comments and share your experience.



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