15 Amazing Facts About Lagos Everyone Must See – Number 11 is awesome!

15 Facts about Lagos State You Probably Don’t Know

Lagos state a state is known for its popularity, a state holding one of the most popular cities in Nigeria, Lagos City. The interesting thing is that there is so much you probably don’t know about Lagos State which would be highlighted here.

Listed below are amazing facts about Lagos State that you should know and ought to know as a resident of Lagos.

1. Facts about Lagos: It is the smallest state in Nigeria

Lagos state is the smallest state of all the 36 states present in Nigeria with a size of only 3,345 square kilometres. It may look unbelievable and unreal but it is a true fact about Lagos.

2. Facts about Lagos: Most populated state

Despite Lagos state is the smallest state in Nigeria it remains the most populous state in the West African country. Although the real population size is quite unknown on a daily basis, the state accommodates 1,200 new people daily which includes people in search of opportunities from all parts of the country.

3. Facts about Lagos: Lagos has the tallest building in Nigeria

NECOM house tower is the highest building in West Africa and it is located in Lagos, the building is 160m (520ft) above the city of Lagos.

4. Facts about Lagos: Holds the one of the longest bridge in Africa

Lagos state has the longest bridge in Nigeria and the first in Africa. The Third Mainland Bridge is the longest bridge that connects Lagos Island to the mainland and it is 11.8km in length and most importantly the bridge was built by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC and it was opened by the current president when the bridge was constructed, President Ibrahim Babangida.

5. Facts about Lagos: Nollywood is centred in Lagos

Almost all acting scenes in Nigerian movies are made in Lagos, even as Nollywood is centred in Lagos which is the most popular film industry in Africa. It also plays the role of local Hollywood movies whereby all the local movies are cast in Lagos.

6. Facts about Lagos: A fast-growing state in the world

Lagos is a major propelling economic and cultural centre, and it playing a host to the city of Lagos, it is considered to be among one of the fastest growing states in the world.

7. Facts about Lagos: Lagos Ports

Lagos is a port city, which is an important transport hub in Nigeria. It handles 80 per cent of the country’s imports and 70 per cent of the exports and is located in the Southwest beach line of Nigeria. Lagos’s port is also in the top 10 list in Africa. The Apapa port in Lagos is estimated to be the fifth busiest port in West Africa.

8. Facts about Lagos: Lagos has the Highest counts of Millionaires in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Lagos has the Largest amount of Millionaires than any other state. It doesn’t dispute the fact that there are poor residents in Lagos but it is not in a poverty lead level. Lagos is a centre of wealth and success.

9. Facts about Lagos: Lagos is a floating city

It is a floating city in the sense that it has cities built over water and it has waterways people travel in the especially Makoko which is a unique city in Nigeria.

10. Facts about Lagos: Lagos city is the Economic hub

For economic recognition, Lagos state is dependent on Lagos city which is the centre of all business activities in the state.

11. Facts about Lagos: Lagos means Lakes

It was named by a Portuguese explorer, Rui De Sequeira when he visited the area in the year 1472.

12. Facts about Lagos: Lagos was once the capital of Nigeria

For a long period of time, Lagos state was the capital of Nigeria but in the year 1991 Abuja obtained this title.

13. Facts about Lagos: Lagos has the most expensive island estates in Nigeria

The most expensive estates can be found in the city of Lagos which is the home to Nigeria blogging guru named Linda Ikeji, CEO of glo, etc.

14. Facts about Lagos: The most expensive city to live in Nigeria

Lagos is the most expensive city to live in Nigeria and is also the fifth most expensive in Africa and it has many opportunities for success.

15. Facts about Lagos: Lagos markets are of first attraction

Lagos has huge markets and they are of first attraction most especially the Oshodi market which deserves a lot of attention. About 4 million or more buyers and seller appear there each day.



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