15 interesting facts about Nigeria that will blow your mind – number 12 is a banger!

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Nigeria is one of the biggest countries in Africa, located in the western part of the continent. Nigeria shares borders with countries like Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

1. Most Populous Country in Africa

Nigeria has a population of 160 million people, making it the most populous in Africa and the 8th most populous in the world.

2. Has the Longest Bridge in Africa

Nigeria possesses the longest bridge in Africa which is the third Mainland bridge located in Lagos State. It has a measurement of 11.8km. The Bridge was constructed by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC and opened in 1990 by President Ibrahim Babangida.

3. Large Crude Oil Producers

Nigeria is one of the largest oil-producing nations in the world, Nigeria is currently the 12th largest crude oil producer with an average of 2,525,000 barrels per day and the 8th largest exporter.

4. Has one of the oldest location of human settlement

Due to archaeological evidence, it was proven that there was human existence in Nigeria that was date back to 9000BC. The Nok civilization is the earliest known civilization in Nigeria(around 500BC-200AD)

5. Has More than 250 Ethnic Groups

Nigeria is a multi-ethnic country, with over 250 ethnic groups in the country. But have just 3 major tribes which are the Igbo(18%), Hausa(29%) and Yoruba(21%)

6. Has 2 major Religions

Christianity and Islam are the two major religions of the country, the Igbos who are located in the southeastern part are mostly Christians then the Hausa located at the North are mostly Islamic.  The southern part of Nigeria is more urbanised and westernised than the north.

7. 2nd largest movies Producers

Nigeria is the home of Nollywood, Nollywood produces a sum of 200 movies every week. Winning half of the annual award for best picture. Nollywood is behind Bollywood in the movies industry and ahead of Hollywood.

8. Strange marriage policies

In Nigeria some Islamic marriages, once a woman gets married, she may no longer be allowed to see any of her male relatives again.

9. Nigeria is the 7th largest democracy in the world

With a population of 180 million people, Nigeria is the nation with the highest number of black people.

10. Drill Monkeys

Drill monkeys are a species of monkey found in Nigeria and apart from Nigeria they are found only in Cameroon

11. Has the most diverse Butterflies

In some areas, surrounding Calabar state is said to have the world’s most diverse species of butterflies.

12. The Indigobird is a bird that can only be found in Jos Plateau, a state in Nigeria

13. Most Populous city in Africa

Lagos state is said to be the most populous city, the population of Lagos is more than all of the eastern part of the United state combined.

14. Has more than 4700 different plant species

Nigeria has a lot of different plant species due to its mainly rainy and dry seasons. During half of the year, Nigeria experiences heavy rains. While in the other half, Nigeria experiences no rains.

15. Has Africa’s Oldest Boat

It was discovered in Yobe, the oldest in Africa and third oldest boat in the world. The Dufana canoe is over 6,500years old.

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