3 Ways to Lose Your Weight in 3 Months – Number 2 Is The Easiest!

How to Lose Weight In 3 Months

Body weight can be body shape recking and health threatening, losing weight in a safe, healthy and appropriate way is the best done in a slower way generally. Losing weight in three months is a very good amount of time to lose a substantial amount of weight.

If you are in for losing a moderate amount of weight below are few things you can do to slowly and safely lose your weight in 3 months.

1. Have a food diet

It is wise to meet a doctor or a registered dietitian to help you in scheduling your weight loss and diet program. Meeting a doctor would help you know if having a diet is safe and healthy for you.

Ensure to take more fruits and vegetables, they are high in nutrients like fibre, vitamins and minerals and most importantly they are low in calories. Making the intake of fruit and vegetables the majority of what you eat every day helps cut down your overall caloric intake.

Endeavour to take adequate protein at every meal, research shows that consuming adequate protein helps in supporting weight loss including keeping you satisfied. Examples include beef, pork, eggs, legumes, etc.

Also endeavour to eat a healthy snack like cottage cheese and fruit, 2 hard boiled eggs, etc. Drink adequate amounts of water that can help you from dehydration.

2. Engage in physical activities

It is good to engage in cardiovascular exercises weekly in other to help in weight loss and a long-term weight maintenance. Although exercise alone will not always cause weight loss but combining it with aerobic exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, etc and also calorie-controlled diet would yield the best result.

Having a personal trainer is a very good idea and can help you in your exercise routine. The trainer or fitness professionals will be able to show you how to use verities of the gym equipment, design a workout plan for you and keeps you motivated in losing your weight.

These trainers on personal training might be expensive, you may only need a few session with them so you can learn the ways of the gym and an appropriate workout for you.

While engaging in physical activities endeavour to monitor your progress so as to keep you motivated also.

3. Set a goal

Setting a certain goal would give the motivation to want to lose your body weight. Picking a pen and a book to write down goals can be helpful with any type of change especially with the loss of weight. Jotting doe a few ideas of the goals you want to achieve throughout the three months time you want to have a weight loss.

It is good to be specific with the kind of goal you wish to achieve and make sure it is realistic and timely because unrealistic weight loss is most likely not healthy.

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