How To Know If You Are Dying Anytime Soon And To Avoid It- You Are Probably Dying Tomorrow!

How to know if you are dying anytime soon – Whitney Houston

Death is inevitable by all men and one day we are all going to die. The scariest part of it is that not all live a long and happy life but there is a lot of things we can do to extend our lives and that could be staying healthy, eating right and definitely avoiding harmful substances.

While being alive it is good to know how much time you have left even as the majority of the population do not regard it. Having the knowledge of how long you would live will give you another perspective on life and you will begin to see things differently.

Listed below are ways to know if you going to die early or anytime soon and measures on how to live longer instead.

1. Divorce experience or a spouse’s death

Couples in a long-term marriage has a higher chance olive longer than couples divorced, at least they live up to 70 years of age.

The chance of dying early is of higher rate when you get a divorce or separate from your partner. In most marriages when a spouse dies then the widow or widower could also die probably in weeks or a few months after the spouse had died because the shock or depression might trigger death in their body.


Divorced folks die early when they engage in unhealthy behaviours and depression, the best way to avoid an early death is to ensure you avoid every form of depression and unhealthy behaviour. It is advisable for you to have a long-term marriage goal in other to help your health also.

2. Changes in your appetite

Food is essentially needed in the body and when you realize that you lost the desire to eat or drink then should know you might be dying early. The best thing to do is to pay attention to how much you eat and check if your appetite is becoming unusual than normal which could affect your health. 

If you notice changes in your appetite it is best to check in with your doctor to make sure the changes in your appetite isn’t something serious.

3. Breathing Problems while asleep

Cardiac arrest can be caused by sleep apnea which is a condition that stops you from breathing while asleep and it can be difficult to detect. If you notice you or someone stops breathing while sleeping it is best you see a specialist who can perform a sleep test on you in other to assess your breathing patterns.

Early breathing checkup and treatment can help you in extending your life.

4. Having a weak or poor sense of smell

The sense organs of the body are very important but as we age these organs might gradually start to fail us. According to the study and research, losing the ability to smell is a gene in many genetic makeups that life is fading and death is approaching and would happen within five years.

The loss of the sense of smell doesn’t only emphasize that one would die early but it shows the sign of developing a fatal disease called Alzheimer’s. Although to detect the loss of smell might be difficult but when notice endeavour to visit a health care provider.

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