HOT PICTURES: Toke Makinwa melts the internet with sultry bikini pictures on her birthday!

While celebrating her birthday, Toke Makinwa has decided to share a number of heart-melting, sultry bikini pictures. The pictures came with Toke Makinwa putting on different matching bikini colours. In one picture Toke Makinwa can be seen putting on a red top and red down while standing beside a brown horse.
The pictures were filtered to maintain an even distribution of colours giving Toke Makinwa’s birthday photo shoot an awesome appeal.
Toke Makinwa also did a photoshoot in the beach where she can be seen on a white on a white bikini with her credentials very visible. Remember that Toke Makinwa was rumoured to have gone to do a butt upliftment surgery in the united states in recent times. That may explain why Toke Makinwa has constantly been bombarding the internet with sultry photos of her new back job.
If you ware wondering what Toke Makinwa’s age is, it is 34. Toke Makinwa is 34 years old. She married earlier when she was 31, divorced and is now single and preaching.

Toke Makinwa wrote the below in her photo shoot post on Instagram, enjoy:

The book of TM…. chapter 34 -03/11 “Woman thou shall become more….”
I woke up today with nothing but Joy. My journey is one of grace, nothing but grace and mercy. Just a girl with dreams and God said YES. Thankful for another year, here’s hoping this chapter rocks even much more than the last. #Chapter34 #Thefaticametobe #onbecomingmore

The book of TM…. Chapter 34 – 03/11
“The big Cahuna”
A queen. A conqueror. Like a Phoenix you rise woman; after each fall you RISE. Keep rising fearlessly, burn the earth with your awesome, keep thriving TM, keep pushing happy 34th birthday TM ❤️❤️❤️
Your best days are here.

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