List of incredible tv shows you must watch that’ll keep you coming back for more

Finding what to watch has never been harder, with new tv series being launched every day. There are more than 50 scripted tv series on the air. I am making a list of great tv shows to watch, fiction, nonfiction, animations action adventure, love and all-around awesomeness.


The show is about Matt Murdock who’s a blind lawyer who fights organised crime in New York City.  Daredevil had a lot of high expectation and buzz to live up to and honestly, the show daredevil lived up to all expectation. Daredevil is among the best executed comic adaptations for tv to date. Watch the first two seasons before rushing into season 3 which is on air already.

Dear White people (Netflix)

Arrow is about the billionaire, Oliver Queen, whose life got changed when he got stranded on an Island for 5years. He made it his business to fight criminal and evil doers in Star city as Green Arrow.

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