These 5 awesome movies has made thousands of people rich after watching! Number 3 is a banger!

The Ultimate 5 movies that can make you richer in a day

The benefits of watching movies are much, you feel excited, scared regardless of whether it’s fictional or not. Imagine earning more money while you watch movies. These are the list of movies that will improve your financial capacity. There are also articles that can improve your financial capacity. These are 5 secrets you should to become and stay rich overnight as suggested by experts

1.The Wolf of Wall Street

The movie was based on a true life story of Jordan Belfort, an American author and motivational speaker who was charged to court in 1999 for stock manipulation and managing a boiler room as part of a penny- stock scam.

Lesson learnt from the movies are:

  1. Simplicity:  Jordan Belfort was able to impart knowledge to young, old and uneducated and was able to change them to strong stockbroker by giving them instructions in a simple form which a stupid person can understand.
  2. Make people depend on you: John Belfort was able to make his employees depend on him by encouraging them to spend beyond their means.
  3. “It’s important to keep these guys chasing the dream. And it’s even more important to keep them broke.” I        gestured over to the plate glass. “Look at them; as much money as they make, every last one of them is broke!     They spend every dime they have, trying to keep up with my lifestyle. But they can’t, because they don’t make enough”. – Jordan Belfort.

Leonardo DiCaprio performance was excellent as he was able to portray the character of the real Jordan Belfort. The Wolf of Wall Street will make you reassess your financial lifestyle.

2.The social network

The social network is a movie that will encourage anyone to strive hard and be successful. The social network was influenced by the success story of Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg thought on a long-term and was able to create a good product at first with no ads, Even when Saverin was so desperate about advertisers, Mark affirms that he does not want advert yet. The social network is a must watch especially for those in IT related field.

3.The Words

A movie that features Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper portrays the struggling writer. The word shows how success can be difficult to achieve you will be tempted to give up or copy someone else work. The movie budget was $6 million and box office had $16.4 million. This movie will influence you to take charge of your work and do your best in making it work.

4.Pursuit of Happyness

This is a motivational movie based on a true life story of a motivational speaker Christopher Gardner. The pursuit of Happyness is a grass to grace story that reaches the heart. Will Smith as Christopher Gardner along with his Son Jaden Smith acted the movies. The misspelling of Happiness was as a result of the mural Gardner saw at his son daycare. This is a movie about financial struggle and how to overcome it.  The Memoirs written by Christopher Gardner was one of the best selling memoirs. The movie gross over $300 million worldwide which make it one of Will Smith $100 million blockbusters.

5.Yes Man

The basic lesson in this movie is ceasing opportunity. This is based on a memoir of Danny Wallace who says the book is based on a 6- month period in which he committed to saying ‘Yes’ to everything because of the conversation Danny had with a stranger Danny met on the bus. This movie will change your views on saying ‘No’ to opportunities. Here is an opportunity to download books recommended by Bill Gates


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