3 ultimate habits that can make you a millionaire this week according to experts

Billionaire habits that will make you very rich
Billionaire habits that will make you very rich

Becoming super rich and wealthy doesn’t usually just happen suddenly. You’d agree with me that it usually takes many years of relentless hard work, determination, focus and energetic drive to never give up. Although for some very few people, their wealth is as a result of a few seconds of luck (I’d say Preparation meets Opportunity), where for a significant others, it is as a result of years and years of consistently working hard to build up their business empire to be reckoned with the group of wealthiest people in the world.

The thing is, there is something very sacrosanct and different between the way rich and wealthy people think and act compared to everyone else. As the rich and wealthy people earn their wealth, they have to constantly try all their best to add to and maintain the wealth.

However, it seems that the secrets to climbing up the ladder of riches into “wealthdom” have been heavily guarded for ages. As revealed by Steve Siebold in his book: “How Rich People Think”, the secret about what made some of the wealthiest people in the world billionaires is not about the money, but their psychology. So, it appears that if you ever want to know how the rich and wealthy people attained the financial success they have now, you’ll have to first learn what the rich and wealthy people know about money and know how the rich and wealthy people think.

Here in this article, I will share with you 7 Ultimate insights into the psychology of rich and wealthy people and how they think.

1. Money equals Freedom

The rich and wealthy people realize that “Money equals Freedom”. While it still remains true that money cannot buy you freedom, having enough money – more than enough to take care of your basic needs e.g food, shelter, and clothing – gives you the power and freedom to decide whatever you want to do, and when you want to do it.

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2. Hang around Rich people

Although this idea may seem too extreme at first, it makes a bit more sense when you think about it in reality. The rich and wealthy people realize this secret themselves, that is why they hang around each other and many of them even live in the same neighborhood. Think about it: Many of the richest people in any area or country live in almost the same neighborhood. In the US, some of the wealthiest people live in Beverly Hills, California, some also in San Fransisco Bay area and New York. In Nigeria, the richest and wealthiest people live on the same street in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos.

So, if you want to become very rich and wealthy, you need to start hanging around rich people. Hanging around rich and wealthy people would afford you an opportunity to see how rich people make big decisions on a daily basis.

Steve Siebold in an interview with Business Insider said: “Before I was wealthy, I moved into a neighborhood I couldn’t afford. I wanted to be around rich people—not to make deals with them, but to learn their mindset. I don’t recommend doing the same thing, but you can go to places where rich people congregate, such as charity auctions, seminars, country clubs. Listen to how they talk about money and opportunity. Compare their mindset to yours—and then consider adjustments”. Even churches and religious centers are not left out as it is a good opportunity to interact and learn from the rich and wealthy people.

If you are serious about being rich and becoming a billionaire, you need to take direct lessons and insights from the rich and wealthy people and then replicate their positive behaviors.

3. Invest in ideas

The rich and wealthy people are always thinking about the future: how they can make more money and how they can maintain their wealthy status. That is why rich people are always looking for new ideas and business opportunities to invest in every day.

There are no real failures in business – only experiences and lessons learned from it. So do not be afraid to invest in a solid business idea even when everyone else is running away from it. Remember that the only way to lose is when you let fear and inaction drive you. There is always a period of highs and lows for every rich and wealthy billionaire out there. Try as much as you can to avoid and stay clear of people who discourage you from pursuing and investing in your business idea.  They tell you that your business idea can’t be done because you don’t have enough money, education, talent or experience to succeed. If you listen to that kind of people, you are moving farther and farther away from your plans of becoming rich and wealthy.


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