The big list of 7 free ways to make money as a Nigeria student – number 3 will make you a millionaire

Are you tired of always calling home for money? Are you always borrowing money for your upkeep? Does your pocket money finish before the month runs out? or do you need some extra bucks in your pocket? Today, I’m listing out ways to make money as a student in Nigeria apart from applying for scholarships and grants.

The life of a student is a tough one, always buying new handouts, photocopying documents, paying for fees and some other unexpected accessory but not having enough money for themselves.

Let us begin our journey on How to make money as a Nigerian student with the following points

1. Become A Graphic designer

If you have a flair for graphic or art this is a big business opportunity for making money as a student. The opportunities are high, there are always activities, student’s songs cover, events or notices on campus and this requires a poster, a banner for their promotion. If you’re really good, you’ll get more clients from everywhere. You’ll be surprised when you get start getting jobs from different schools and other works of life.

Jobs for graphic designers are:

  • websites
  • logos
  • banners
  • fliers
  • product interfaces
  • illustrations
  • Album or music cover


2. Online Registration

This is a good business but with a lot of competition, this is very profitable especially at the beginning of the session when new students are on campus.

All you need for this is a Laptop with an internet connection. You can help students, staff or anyone who needs this service with online registration, payment of fees online, course registration, admission regularization, hostel admission etc.

3. Start a tutorial class

There is always a course students find challenging, If there are courses you are really good at. You can start a tutoring business and charge either monthly or per class. You should target your junior colleagues most especially the new student (freshers).

You can choose to hold your class 3 times every week or during the weekend. Give assignments, give tips of where they should read for a test or exam and solve past questions.

4. Offer Laundry Services

This is a business most students won’t like to do because of pride but to be honest, this is a great field to make money. There are a lot of lazy students out there who are looking for who to help them launder their dirty clothes. You can start with your friend and they will help bring more clients to you.

5. Real Estate or housing Agent.

This requires you be conversant with your area, taking your free time to explore areas close to the school for accommodation for students. You should target new student or students who stay in the hostel but are tired of the environment. You make money here from the agent fees and commissions.

6. Pastries making/Baking/Catering services/cooking services

This business requires skill. If you have the previous knowledge on how to make pastries or bake, you’re in luck but for those who don’t have any experience, this does not mean you can’t do this, you can always search on how to make pastries, or watch how to do it  on youtube

You can also make zobo, yoghurt, custard etc and sell to students in the hostel, supply to the school’s canteen. Students always like to eat noodles (mishia) and a fried egg or spaghetti and turkey. For those who are miraculously skilled with cooking noodles and spaghetti, just come out at night find a place close to the hostel cook and sell. At the end of the day, you’ll be shocked by the amount of money madModelling

7. Modelling

This is one opportunity that does not require much from you other than to show up for photo shoots to promote particular brands and get paid. However, this is an industry that has been so bastardized lately. Many people have been exploited and taken advantage of in the process of trying to be a model. We advise you “shine your eyes” or find something else.

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