10 business ideas that will make women with no capital richer than men in one week

Business world is highly dominated by men. Women tend to achieve more in business but little are into it. Here is a list of business ideas women that will make women with no capital richer in 1 week.


Blogging is one of the top rated online jobs. It does not require any capital to start a blog business, all you need is your laptop and internet. You don’t need  to start with your own blog, you can be writing for other group blogs

If you writing your Personal blog then you need to be patient and persistence, because blogging is a quick scheme to get rich, you need to be consistent. This link will show you how to get started with blogging and a list of blogs you can write on to earn money ranging from $150 to $600.

2.Transport system

We have many female drivers but it’s rare to see a female uber driver in Nigeria. This can be a parttime job for women too not just the men. If you are on a fulltime job then you can do this over the weekends, this will serve as another source of income.

You can visit this link on steps to take to become an Uber driver

You can also visit this link on steps to take to become a Taxify driver


Food is an essential need of humans to survive, the rate at which people need it as much compared to other basic needs. This business is usually associated with the women in the past but now more men now go into it. You can start a small scale by preparing indoor foods or large scale for outdoor events or both.

Are you interested in catering and you don’t know where to start?? click on this  you can also read this

4.Social media Manager

You can manage social media platforms for companies and also consult for companies on how to create awareness and large followers on social media especially if you have large followers as well. You can stay in your house and get paid. You can also manage accounts for celebrities. This is a great opportunity for you especially if you enjoy being on social media.

You can also read on 10 power-packed and easy ways to gain 100,000 Instagram followers in 5 days!

5.Snail farming

Snail farming is another hot business invoke now. You don’t need to have much capital before you can start snail farming. Snail farming does not require a large space, you could rear snails at your backyard. Snails don’t eat in daylight they eat at  night so you don’t have to worry about feeding them while you are at office

Here is a link on how to get started.  This is an interview section with a large scale snail farmer on his journey into snail farming

6.Rental services

This aspect of business needs you to invest in buying items used for an event such as wedding parties, Graduation ceremonies. The items such as plates, chairs, canopies, large steel pot, Party gas cooker etc. are leased out to the event to be used based on their agreement which could be a day or more than a day. This is a perfect business opportunity for a housewife. The organizer will only have to contact you to get the items and all you have to do is to ensure its get to the required destination. They have to return it once they are done using it.

7. Dropshipping

You can also run dropshipping from home. It is an online business where you create an online platform it could be a social media platform solely for advertising product which is sold by a third party. You are the merchant who buys the product from the third party then shipped it directly to the consumer. You don’t see the product or come in contact with it but you make profit.

8. Daycare service

Daycare service is quite similar to baby sitting but daycare service requires  you  to have space of yours. You need to hire few people to help you out but for you to dive into this business you must have mentally prepare yourself for the stress because kids can sometimes be difficult to manage else go for another business.  Read more  on how to start a daycare service

9. Tutoring

You can tutor students online or offline too. You make the offer available to people that want to learn what you have to offer by making awareness thanks to social media, you can reach out to so many people.

Udemy is a popular online tutor website, You can also visit this link to get an online tutor job

10. Beauty parlour

You have to either have a background knowledge in makeup and cosmetics or you hire professionals at it before you can open a beauty parlour. Make up is the new trend in town so it is sure to gain more profit from this business. You don’t need much capital to start a beauty parlour.

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