8 special tips to prevent your man from cheating on you with a slay queen!

Tips to making your marriage work
How to make your husband love you more

The rate at which couples divorce is increasing on a daily basis. What could be the cause of this? Why don’t they try to work it out? Though I wouldn’t advise a woman to stay in an abusive marriage other reasons apart from domestic violence could be sorted out. Here are 8 tips to make your husband love you more

1. Go on a date: It does not have to be the traditional way whereby the man takes the woman out on a date you can take him out too. Wear a very beautiful dress he hasn’t seen on you and Surprises him by sending a text to him to meet you at a restaurant, Cinema, garden park. Please do not invite any other person to the date, not even the kids.

2. Appreciate him: Show gratitude to your husband let him know how happy you are to have him in your life. It is better you write out your thoughts to make it easier. Remember to always tell him what you like about him.

3. Prepare his best meals: Prepare his favourite meal even when he is broke. Men tend to go through emotional stress when they don’t have much cash with them and tend to feel bad when they see their wives attending to their responsibilities. You can ease him by preparing his best food.

4. Don’t find it difficult to say sorry: Always be the first to say sorry when you are at fault. Don’t let your ego destroy your marriage. Most Men become speechless and calm once you are able to admit your fault by apologising. If you want your marriage to work out learn to say “I am sorry”. Sometimes you might not even be at fault but saying sorry helps to prevent further arguments or fights.

5. Write a love letter to him: Write a love letter to him and put it in a place you know it is sure for him to see it there. You can put it in his suitcase while he is travelling, his front pocket. Here is a link to samples of love letters you can write to your husband. You can also call or text him while he is at the office.

6. Compliment his appearance: Be the first to notice any physical changes in him. It could be a new haircut, his look, a new outfit, his shoes. Don’t hesitate to tell him how handsome he looks and you could also suggest some clothes he wears that looks good on him.

7. Spark up your sex life: This is one of the most important aspects of marriage you can’t joke with. If you run out of ideas of how to spice up your sex life you can visit this link. Try out new sex positions with husband. Wouldn’t it be fun teaching your husband new sex techniques? Don’t be shy to try out new things with him, remember he is your husband if you don’t try it with him who else would you prefer to try it with.

8. Give him a warm hug: Always embrace him when he comes back from work and doesn’t forget to help undress him. Men love to be treated like kids in some ways like this. This act would bring you two closer to each other. You can surprise him by going to his office just to embrace and kiss him.






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