7 deadly diseases you get from applying makeup – number 4 causes miscarriage

The makeup industry has done more harm than good by telling women how great it is to look different and liven up their face and avoiding to tell them the side adverse effect of using makeup. You won’t believe makeup can cause below diseases.


Some Cosmetic product contains toxins such as Parabens, Lead, Phenacetin, Coal tar, Benzene and formaldehyde are essential ingredients used in cosmetics. Parabens are used in products such as hair creams, toothpaste, deodorants Formaldehyde is used in Hair dye, relaxers, shampoos,   conditioners, straighteners, and hair extension glue

It is advisable to research the content of the cream you want to use failure to do so can lead to cancer because the cream is absorbed by the bloodstream.

2.Hair problems

Excessive use of chemical based hair cream on your hair could cause permanent damage such as alopecia to your hair, some temporary damages that could be treated if the chemicals are being stopped on time are dandruff, scalp redness, loss of hair. Hair products such as Shampoos, hair gel, hairsprays contain this toxin chemicals

3.Skin allergies

Parabens are used as a preservative in creams, shampoos especially the famous concealer used by women to mask dark circles, it is mostly used in a cosmetic product since it serves as a preservative that prevents microbes on the cream but it can lead to contact dermatitis, skin irritation. Another similar product is Salicylate which is also a preservative and causes painful rashes

4.Kidney Failure

Cadmium is a heavy metal that is found in lipstick. The intake of cadmium is an high risk since cadmium cannot be easily excreted from the body so it builds up in the kidney. Cadmium effect is more harmful in men than women. Lipstick also causes anaemia due to the content of aluminium. It also contains chemicals such as Barium sulphate and zinc oxide which can lead to kidney and liver damage.

5.Eye infections

Eye makeup is very bad as this area are a sensitive part of the body. Fixing of Artificial eyelashes on the eye can prevent the growth of eyelashes. Frequent use of eyeliner, Kajal and Mascara can encourage bacteria in the eyes which could lead to irritation.


Triphenyl phosphate(TPHP) and Diphenyl Phosphate(DPHP) found in nail polish can cause high fertility problems in females.  Dr Alka, Udaipur based IVF expert said exposure to a high content of these chemicals by females can cause miscarriage and lead to mental defect of the baby if the baby is not miscarried, the problem the baby is likely to encounter are behavioural issues, damage to the brain and nervous system, difficulty in learning.

“It is advisable to pregnant women to avoid makeup ” added Dr Gupta

7.Skin discolouration

Products such as toners, sunscreens bleach or darken the skin. Body moisturizers can disturb the thyroid content of the body. Research a skin based product before buying it. Another best way to avoid adverse effect is by using the natural product because the effect of the products could be permanent as it can cause uneven skin tone, freckles.


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