3 Reasons You don’t need to go to school to be rich, here is why you shouldn’t even try

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Society these days paint a vivid picture in the mind of young people that they need to go to school to get rich and school is the only way to success. Well, that is not true.

Decades ago, going to the university was the bridge for getting the bigger and better things of life, that is true for a certain few who manage to get rich while the others scramble for the crumbs of life.

There is definitely no crime in following the footsteps of the likes of Steve Jobs,  Ralph Lauren, Richard Branson and many others who I failed to mention – who all became very successful and even employed people who got college degrees.

Moreover, the employers of the new age are now scoring candidates less on what degree they got and more of what they can do, what skill they have and more on their portfolio.

Companies like Apple, Google, IBM hire more skilled workers than workers with a flashy degree.

One Silicon Valley executive once said “Walking into an established company wide-eyed and green with a Bachelor’s degree in business at 22 is not special, useful, or smart. We need young, experienced people who have walked the walk, taken some hits, and know how to make something from nothing”

Furthermore, statistics of the unemployment rate of graduates is high and it’s not dropping.

Reasons you should not go to School

1. What many CEO’s and Managers look for before Hiring.

Let us say we have two candidates coming for a job interview. One candidate has a resume or a CV with up to 4-5years experience and the other has a 4-5years of college.

Who do you think will get picked? Even someone with a 2year experience will get picked over the college graduate.

  • Experience – Candidates will be asked questions like – How long have you been in the business? What is the success rate you’ve had? Which company you’ve worked for?
  • Your CV or Portfolio – This is the proof you have to show. It contains your past projects, who you worked with and what result of the project, references from your previous jobs.
  • Character – CEO’s and Managers look out for if you’ll fit into the flow of the company, Your integrity, punctuality, responsibility, dressing and if you can communicate well and approachable.

Going for an internship program or a part-time job will do you better than a college degree. So start building your CV, gain practical experiences and build yourself for the real world.

2. Applying Yourself beats Education

The simple truth is that universities will not teach you how to be successful. The greatest lie ever told and we believe is, education reciprocates success. University has painted an image of ” go to school and you will get an awesome job”.

Universities do not teach some basic things needed to be successful, thing like

  • Teaching how to negotiation,
  • People skill
  • Sharpening your drive and passion
  • How to think and come up with ideas etc.

Success is about communication skills, a learner’s heart, integrity, self-control, relationships, personal development, and a lot of uncontainable passion. And most essentially, successful people know they what they know by doing, not just learning to do.

3. Become an entrepreneur.

Having a job is one thing, loving the job is another. There are so many people out there who are tired of their jobs and scared out of their mind about quitting their jobs. This is because they do what they don’t love.

People prefer to work longer on something they love even if it pays less than working less on something they hate but pays more.

So if you have a dream or you love doing something that you can actually make good money from, take your time, research about the field and start up a business on it.

This is a much healthier solution; you have more time for yourself, you won’t be stressed, nobody will yell at you for something you tried your best at.

Furthermore, it will be an intriguing journey for yourself, inspiring others who might even join you, solving problems and creating value. This might be the beginning of a new life for you.

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