12 Everyday foods that are killing you right now – number 10 is sweetest!

Are you aware that there are foodstuffs you consume every day that is killing you at a slow pace without you even knowing it? A great amount of us has a good amount of these foods in our stores. Here is the list of 12 foodstuff that kills you slowly. Attempt to steer away or reduce the consumption of these foods as much as possible.

1.Canned tomato sauce

You might not be aware, canned tomato sauce is a killer in disguise. Tomato sauce contains a hidden source of sugar and it would have never even crossed your mind that it could lead to increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and even tooth decay. To top your pasta with a healthier sauce, check labels for a low sugar, low sodium tomato sauce. To avoid these issues, use fresh tomatoes to make your sauce.

2. Soft Drinks

Carbonated drinks or sodas or soft drinks are one of your worst enemies. It is not kind to your waistline, it can mess up everything from your skin,  to destroying your teeth, to your hormones, elevate your anxiety level and your blood glucose. Forget what they say during marketing and the labels saying they good or it contains nutrients or vitamins. All it has is about 10 teaspoons of refined sugar, preservatives like BVO (brominated vegetable oil) and synthetic food dyes. The sugar-free version is no better as they are packed with harmful artificial sweeteners.

Next time when you are thirsty, do yourself a huge favour, pour a glass of water or 100% fruit juice.

3. Deli Meats

Nitrates may sound like a ticking time bomb, which isn’t far from the truth when you consider the levels of sodium, conservative and add-ons that lend deli meats—like ham, salami, and bologna—their rosy shade. Adults who regularly eat meat risk increased rates of cancer and heart disease.  Research has shown that kids that take meat for lunch are prone to learning issues and behavioural conditions.

If you need meat for sandwiches, buy deli meats straight from your local butcher and have them sliced to order. They might not stay good as long as packaged meats, but they will contain far less harmful preservatives. You can also buy a flat of chicken breasts and slice them into thin strips for sandwiches and stir-fries, as you need them.

4. Vegetable oil

Vegetable oil plays a huge part in our cooking and we’re not even concerned about it. Yet, some of these oils are genetically modified organism and we have no idea what enduring result these goods can have on the body. Moreover, these volatile oils contain harmful trans-fats that can activate Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Examine the sticker or label and look for refined oil, stay clear of it cause it contains items that can help the growth of cancer, facilitate ageing, and cause different kinds of issues. Choose more healthy alternatives such as avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil.

5. Margarine

Once more, marketing is to blame for the misunderstanding about margarine. It’s not healthy, people! It’s one of the sickening foods in your diet. So cut it out immediately! Margarine is like a very awful version of butter that is made with hydrogenated vegetable oils and it is more synthetic than you think. It is pure chemistry. So what is bad about it? It Is the trans fats that can damage your heart, mess up your cholesterol levels and blood vessels.  Switch to butter for a healthier alternative. Other healthy alternatives are olive oil and avocado oil that you can spread on your bread. Just please avoid margarine!

6. Dairy

Apart from the fact that whole milk dairy products contain too many saturated fats, they are also filled with another ingredient that will put you off your cereal—bovine growth hormone (BGH). This synthetic hormone is engineered in a lab to boost the milk production of cows.

Unfortunately, nutritionists say BGH is passed along to humans in milk in the form of childhood obesity, as well as chronic migraines, certain cancers and rheumatoid arthritis. However, you can choose for organic cow’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk that comes with less added hormones. Animal milk alternatives, such as soy, ice milk and almond are also good choices.

7. Potato Chips

All deep fried food contains a dangerous substance called acrylamide. Potato chips are no exception. Acrylamide increases the risk of colon cancer, rectum cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer. It is best to keep away from potato chips or make a healthier version at home. Put a little olive oil on sliced potatoes, sprinkle with a pinch of salt, and bake it in your oven. We promise it tastes delicious

8. Hot dogs

By hot dogs, I’m really referring to any smoked, cured, or salted meat that contains chemical preservatives. However, hot dogs carried the brunt of food criticism thanks to medical and media reports. For instance, findings from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine claimed that processed “hot dogs should carry cigarette-style warning labels!”

It turns out your favourite ballpark treat is so full of sodium, chemicals, and toxins that regular weekly consumption can increase your risk of colorectal cancer by about 21-percent. Luckily, chemical free hot dogs and sausages are yours for the taking at organic butchers and often straight from the farm.

9. Bottled Salad Dressings

Bottled salad dressings are full of sugar, artificial colours, and high fructose corn syrup. Once you drown your salad in this nutritional disaster, you might as well eat a bag of potato chips or a hot dog instead. Drop the bottled salad dressings, and use lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or balsamic vinegar along with some olive oil for a healthy salad dressing.

10. Refined White Carbohydrates

White bread, white rice, white pasta, pre-packaged chips and crackers, cookies, cakes, breakfast cereals, and pretty much every single snack food on the market all have one thing in common—enriched wheat flour! That’s why I’m always going on about the type of carbohydrates (complex carbs vs. starchy carbs) that largely make up your diet, and how they determine the way you metabolize food and your level of energy.

Not only are refined grains stripped of most nutrients; they also digest quickly into simple sugars, causing blood-sugar levels to spike and come quickly crashing down in a wave of irritability and mid-day snack attacks. Ultimately, a starchy addition is linked to weight gain, inflammatory conditions (i.e., arthritis), type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure.

11. White Bread, Refined Flours

Grains are good, right? So bread must be good too? Well, not if it’s white bread made from refined flours. White flour is stripped of all the nutritional fibre, minerals, and vitamins, and all you get is grain waste mixed with chemicals to achieve the nice white colour. But behind it lies the risk of weight gain, thyroid damage, and organ damage. Go whole grain instead

12. Barbecued Meat

The aroma produced from barbecue is so tempting and hard to withstand, but stay strong. The substances that go into the meat during barbecuing are linked with the dangers of breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. If you can not withstand it, make effort to reduce the intake of barbecued meat.


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