6 legal websites you can make money online without stress! Number 3 is the easiest


An Online journal or information shared on a webpage, you don’t require much technical skills to start a blog. Write more on topics you are expert in, it could be what you love doing most but should be able to attract more people to visit your site. You will earn a profit once you have large followers who visit your site as this will attract advertisers or you get a commission for promoting other people goods or services.

WordPress and Blogger are popular blogging platforms which are used in building Blog. WordPress is highly recommended and more preferable compared to other platforms.

These are 5 steps to get started:

  1. Choose an aspect of life you want to blog on
  2. Choose a platform for blogging
  3. Get a host; Hosted WordPress blogs often called wordpress.com are free but has a demerit of limiting your income potential. Self- hosted WordPress often called  wordPress.org blog gives you more control and does not limit your income potential
  4. Get a domain name
  5. Design your blog and use your blog via WordPress or any other blogging platform

There are different types of  blog which are :

Personal blog: This blog is written by an individual. There are few people who have become successful with it as they have been able to attract profitable advertising sponsorship. You create your personal blog

Group blog: This blog consist of more than one author. The most popular collaborative blog is usually focused on one aspect of an event such as technology, politics, news, health.

Here is a list of websites to visit to make money without stress, all you need is a computer, internet and a bottle of water.

1.Wow! Women on writing: Wow! Women on writing pay $50 and $75 for 1000-3000 words. Payment is made via Paypal. The post can be based on family life, marketing, social media, news, fiction and non-fiction

Click this link to see more: http://wow-womenonwriting.com/contact.php


2.The introspectionist: The introspectionist pays roughly $25 for a cover piece and $15 for other types of content pieces.

Click this link to see more: http://www.theintrospectionist.com/Home/Submissions

The change Agents: The Change Agents pays $50 for articles of length 200- 1000 words if accepted

Click this link to see more:https://changeagent.nelrc.org/write-for-us

3.Layout: The Layout allows you to either to choose your topic or choose from the suggestions provided by them. Your writeup must contain nothing less than 700-1200 words. Layout pay $150 for articles accepted via Paypal.

Click this link to see more:https://getflywheel.com/layout/

4.Digital Ocean: The Digital Ocean are based mainly on articles that  deals with technology such as software Development. Writers are paid $300 for tutorial content with a charitable donations, updates on existing tutorial are paid $75 to $125 based on the quantity of changes made.

Click on this link to read more:https://www.digitalocean.com/write-for-donations/

5.SitePoint: SitePoint deals with technology based articles most especially  articles based on HTML, CSS and SASS. The sum of $150 to $200 are paid to the writers.

click to read more https://www.sitepoint.com/get-paid-write-html-css-sass/

6. Write Naked: A platform for writers on various topics, Posts range from 450 words to 650 words. Bloggers received $75 per article. Schedules are posted for a date to send a pitch.

Click this link to read more




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