VIOLENCE: Hausa Thugs chase voters with guns and machetes during Lagos state House of Reps Primary Election

Hausa thugs causes violence
Hausa Thugs causes violence at APC Lagos primary elections.

On Thursday morning, violence and chaos erupted in some parts of Kosofe and Mile 12 areas of Lagos state during the House of Reps primary election into the Kosofe Federal Constituency of Lagos State.

Thugs attacked several voting points across the constituency to strike fear and terror into citizens who wanted to cast their votes, frightening them away from the polling units with machetes and guns.

The violence broke out majorly at Ward F in Ikosi Isheri where political thugs believed to be loyalists of Hon. Bayo Oshinowo, frightened the voters when they displayed various weapons and firearms thereby making the voters run away to guard their lives.

There are two contenders in this primary election into the Federal House of Representatives to represent the good people of Kosofe Federal Constituency at the federal level. We have a former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Dayo Bush Alebiosu who is seeking a return to the floor and the current member of the House, Hon. Rotimi Agunsoye.

Hon. Bayo Oshinowo is vying for the Lagos East Senatorial ticket with Senator Gbenga Ashafa, but according to recent news, has been disqualified from participating in the elections by the All Progressives Congress (APC) screening committee from Abuja. Which means that Senator Gbenga Ashafa would be contesting the primary election for the Lagos East Senatorial ticket unopposed.

However, the witnesses who saw Hon. Bayo Oshinowo’s with his Hausa thugs from Mile 12 market impeding the election process with weapons were very disturbed and they had to run away in other to safeguard their lives.

According to reports, the primary election supposed to hold at a different venue but the venue had to be changed to an address on Ekiti Street as a result of the violent attacks. The new venue on Ekiti street is believed to be an area controlled by of the aspirants vying for the ticket to the House of Reps.

One of the witnesses by the name Monsuru Adebiyi lamented about the sad incidence. He said that about 17 fully loaded buses, brought the thugs who were majorly Hausa people to that polling unit, and did not allow any voter that display their sign to go in and perform their statutory duty.

Monsuru Adebiyi said that they were shocked to see how the thugs were shouting and chanting the name of Hon. Bayo Oshinowo who they heard have earlier been disqualified, and the thugs were saying that it is either Hon. Bayo Oshinowo who is also known as “Pepper” or nobody. It got to a point that thugs out-power the security personnel posted to guard the polling area and enforce the law.

According to correspondence gathered by Sahara Reporters, a similar ugly occurrence happened out in another polling unit in Anthony and Agboyi Ketu areas of Lagos state, where a voter was cut with a machete before the police came in to prevent him from being fatally wounded or even killed.

There have also been general reports that accreditation and voting did not take place in some areas, perhaps due to one violent disturbance or the other in most of the polling centers across Kosofe Federal Constituency.


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