Breaking News: CEO Kokun foundation about to commit suicide?


Depression they say is the continuous feeling of sadness that can lead to changes in concentration, daily behaviour or low self-esteem with the thought of suicide.

Olukokun Adepeju, the CEO of Kokun foundation wrote on Insta stories that he feels like committing suicide. Who could have thought a happy man that seems to enjoy what he is doing is undergoing depression. Kokun foundation which is known with the slogan    “Food is Right for everyone”, a  non-governmental organization that is known for helping the poor nationwide with the aim to eradicate hunger crisis, it wouldn’t have been obvious if he hadn’t written it on his Instagram.

He wrote;

“God knows I have never been so sad and depressed this way for a very long time… I feel like committing suicide…

He wrote further;

“I feel so much Depress.. Can’t believe this can happen to me.. I am very sad and feel with pain.. God I taught you have answered my prayers.. This is so much for me”

The Philanthropist who was criticised earlier this year by some of his fans as being a scam and not fulfilling his promise.

A Non- Nigerian man wrote on his Instagram page that  Mr Kokun promised to buy a wheelchair for a cripple lady and also open shop for her, he took pictures of himself and the lady and posted it on Instagram a lot of people thanked him, when the lady was later seen on the street begging , a young man then challenged the lady as being greedy since Mr kokun has already helped her with what he promised, that was when the cat was let out of the bag when the lady said he did not fulfil his promise , he only gave her ₦1,000.

The young man then wrote on Instagram that Mr Kokun did not fulfil his promise, People replied with curses and insults on Mr Kokun who later came online and promise to rectify the issue.

Another young lady took to Instagram to write about her Ordeal with Mr Kokun who promised to give twenty thousand naira(₦20,000) to sponsor @zayneekarmani birthday giveaway which she allegedly said he denied ever making such promise.


Mr Adepeju Olukokun once mentions in his post early this year that:

   “I don’t care, People will always talk”

He made the above statement in a Rochas Foundation conference on January 25, 2018, for old students under the support of the Rochas Foundation Old Students Association, (ROFOSA).

The CEO has also gone on Instagram to show his sadness on his feelings about his fans sending a DM to him about helping them financially. He posted a page asking them to stop begging money from him as he does not have the ability to help them.  The below is the screenshot of the CEO post.

The Challenges celebrity faced is that fans don’t understand what they are facing in terms of financial support that is most likely the reasons why celebrities don’t reply their fans.

























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