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Title: Web Developer Needed For Immediate Employment at Mactavis
Post by: Dave Partner on December 23, 2016, 04:32:13 PM
Opening for a Web Developer/Designer.
[/size]Technical Skills Required
1. Frontend HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery (Sass & Angular are a plus)
2. Server Side - Good knowledge of PHP (Laravel is a plus)
3. MySQL & phpMyAdmin
4. Basic Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization & Webmaster Tools
5. Wordpress Theme and Plugin Development
6. Experience with Graphic & UI design is a plus (Photoshop, Sketch)
7. 2+ years experience in web development
Non-technical Skills Required
1. Good command of oral and written English
2. Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skills
3. Timeliness & Honesty
4. Ability to work on more than one project at a time
5. Ability to learn new skills well and fast (most important)
6. Ability to work on other tasks outside defined scope e.g. interfacing with clients, recording video tutorials for projects built etc.
Company: Mactavis Technologies Limited (https://mactavis.com (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fmactavis.com%2F&h=bAQGDhAMpAQFbHWrKG54IEcwKEurjw8OQW8STdaFU1T3Ybw&enc=AZP92o4mswsPRXbDEB0NXIXSbKEm2YhA3yA6rrgMceHrZb4a2huVihqXfZTt2Ml-iLukv_gE2KwrEBe1RXlVdSchHFXoOlLizGfRkldS-Ag7HCsJwn1UQqJVIrl6ktwwonR4Ahd4WxJsHcCq2M-FvTn2CPvBvvJwHLOyBtcw-xWGsawCHYu0T9gXCxAMzch_Wd8&s=1))
Location: Lagos Island
Please send your CV and portfolio to gbolade@mactavis.com
You can also call 07052262158