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Javascript tutorial - 24 - Events

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Javascript tutorial - 24 - Events
« on: January 02, 2017, 04:41:16 AM »

      <script type="text/javascript" >
Offline   script   Triggers when the document goes offline
Onabort   script   Triggers on an abort event
onafterprint   script   Triggers after the document is printed
onbeforeonload   script   Triggers before the document loads
onbeforeprint   script   Triggers before the document is printed
onblur   script   Triggers when the window loses focus
oncanplay   script   Triggers when media can start play, but might has to stop for buffering
oncanplaythrough   script   Triggers when media can be played to the end, without stopping for buffering
onchange   script   Triggers when an element changes
onclick   script   Triggers on a mouse click (left mouse click)
oncontextmenu   script   Triggers when a context menu is triggered (right click)
ondblclick   script   Triggers on a mouse double-click
ondrag   script   Triggers when an element is dragged
ondragend   script   Triggers at the end of a drag operation
ondragenter   script   Triggers when an element has been dragged to a valid drop target
ondragleave   script   Triggers when an element is being dragged over a valid drop target
ondragover   script   Triggers at the start of a drag operation
ondragstart   script   Triggers at the start of a drag operation
ondrop   script   Triggers when dragged element is being dropped
ondurationchange   script   Triggers when the length of the media is changed
onemptied   script   Triggers when a media resource element suddenly becomes empty.
onended   script   Triggers when media has reach the end
onerror   script   Triggers when an error occur
onfocus   script   Triggers when the window gets focus
onformchange   script   Triggers when a form changes
onforminput   script   Triggers when a form gets user input
onhaschange   script   Triggers when the document has change
oninput   script   Triggers when an element gets user input
oninvalid   script   Triggers when an element is invalid
onkeydown   script   Triggers when a key is pressed
onkeypress   script   Triggers when a key is pressed and released
onkeyup   script   Triggers when a key is released
onload   script   Triggers when the document loads
onloadeddata   script   Triggers when media data is loaded
onloadedmetadata   script   Triggers when the duration and other media data of a media element is loaded
onloadstart   script   Triggers when the browser starts to load the media data
onmessage   script   Triggers when the message is triggered
onmousedown   script   Triggers when a mouse button is pressed
onmousemove   script   Triggers when the mouse pointer moves
onmouseout   script   Triggers when the mouse pointer moves out of an element
onmouseover   script   Triggers when the mouse pointer moves over an element
onmouseup   script   Triggers when a mouse button is released
onmousewheel   script   Triggers when the mouse wheel is being rotated
onoffline   script   Triggers when the document goes offline
onoine   script   Triggers when the document comes online
ononline   script   Triggers when the document comes online
onpagehide   script   Triggers when the window is hidden
onpageshow   script   Triggers when the window becomes visible
onpause   script   Triggers when media data is paused
onplay   script   Triggers when media data is going to start playing
onplaying   script   Triggers when media data has start playing
onpopstate   script   Triggers when the window's history changes
onprogress   script   Triggers when the browser is fetching the media data
onratechange   script   Triggers when the media data's playing rate has changed
onreadystatechange   script   Triggers when the ready-state changes
onredo   script   Triggers when the document performs a redo
onresize   script   Triggers when the window is resized
onscroll   script   Triggers when an element's scrollbar is being scrolled
onseeked   script   Triggers when a media element's seeking attribute is no longer true, and the seeking has ended
onseeking   script   Triggers when a media element's seeking attribute is true, and the seeking has begun
onselect   script   Triggers when an element is selected
onstalled   script   Triggers when there is an error in fetching media data
onstorage   script   Triggers when a document loads
onsubmit   script   Triggers when a form is submitted
onsuspend   script   Triggers when the browser has been fetching media data, but stopped before the entire media file was fetched
ontimeupdate   script   Triggers when media changes its playing position
onundo   script   Triggers when a document performs an undo
onunload   script   Triggers when the user leaves the document
onvolumechange   script   Triggers when media changes the volume, also when volume is set to "mute"
onwaiting   script   Triggers when media has stopped playing, but is expected to resume
       function doSomething(){
          alert("I have been clicked");
      <button ondrag="" onclick="doSomething()"> Click here to make $15,000,000 now or run mad!</button>
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